Family rental service for birthday in Japan, where loneliness is high

Service where you can rent a family for a birthday in Japan where loneliness is high

Your birthday has arrived and if you do not want to spend this day alone, you can easily handle this problem with actors and actresses who will act like your family. This practice in Japan can be said from the interesting results of modern time.

As you know, loneliness is a serious problem in Japan. The ever-increasing suicide rates are also an indicator of this. People’s inability to find people to share their emotions, such as their birthday, graduation day, etc. organ. The lack of an environment to celebrate was seen as a new opportunity sector for some people. With the new application, people who do not want to spend their birthday alone can hire family members or players who will act as if they are close friends. It doesn’t matter how much it works and gives the feeling of a true friend to a friend, but they think that people who use this method are better than being alone.

Although the prices of the players in this agency vary according to the popularity, they are generally understood over a certain hour and the players are hired with prices starting from 300 Euros on average. For those who are wondering, physical contact is strictly prohibited during this rental period.

The service is called Family Romance. You can review it on the site: