What happens if all the oxygen in the air disappears for 10 seconds?

What happens if all the oxygen in the air disappears for 10 seconds

We are talking only about 10 seconds; we can easily hold our breath during this time. But there are many more that we have not considered.

I guess everyone can hold their breath for 10 seconds, right? At least we don’t die of breathlessness. But there may be some unwanted events. Let’s list the things that can happen below.

The sky suddenly loses its blue. because there are now less particles in the atmosphere.

The ozone layer disappears. U.V. directly for 10 seconds. we are exposed to rays.

Internal combustion engines stop working. Planes taking off immediately crash, but those already in the air are filtered for 10 seconds.

Many metals boil instantly. Oxygen creates an oxide layer around many metals. Oxide layer prevents metals from boiling.

All reinforced concrete buildings turn into dust instantly. One of the main components of concrete is oxygen. It’s carbon dioxide, but there are two oxygen atoms in carbon dioxide.

Everyone’s inner ear bursts. Because atmospheric pressure decreases 21% at a time. This explodes our inner ear with the effect of vacuum.

Seas, oceans, lakes, streams… All waters disappear instantly and turn into hydrogen. Since hydrogen is the lightest element, it mixes into space to never return.

Since 45% of the earth’s surface and mantle is oxygen, we experience a free fall from a high height.

But don’t be afraid. You cannot hear, feel, see any of these. Because oxygen accounts for around 60% of your body weight. There is oxygen in all your cells, in your DNA, in the water in your body. You suddenly turn into something like ash.

So, 10 seconds for the apocalypse and just one element would be enough.

Source: eksisozluk.com