Interesting phobias of some world-famous people (there are even scared of eggs)

woody allen scared of eggs

There are also many famous and historical figures suffering from phobias like every human being. While many are afraid of simple things, some of their fears are a bit more extreme. Here are known interesting phobias of many world-famous people.

George Washington – Taphephobia (Fear of burial alive)

The first President of the United States, George Washington, on his deathbed, said to his visitors, “I’m just going. Bury me properly and don’t let my body be put in the coffin three days after I died. ” He feared being buried by accident while he was alive.

Woody Allen – Panophobia (Fear of everything)

We all have fears, but Woody Allen’s fear scale is quite extensive. The 74-year-old actress and screenwriter fears almost everything. Although they have normal phobias that cause fear of heights, enclosures and insects, they also have more abnormal fears. His strange fears include bright colors, animals, elevators, and peanut butter fears sticking to his palate. In addition to his numerous phobias, he admits that the shower drain is in a corner rather than the center, and he has obsessive behaviors, such as cutting the banana into seven pieces every morning before putting it in his grain.

Richard Nixon – Nosochomphobia (Hospital fear)

The 34th president of the USA, known for his role in the Watergate Scandal, experienced extreme hospital fear. He believed that if he were going to a hospital, he would never recover. In 1974, he had a blood clot problem but refused to be taken to the hospital for treatment. However, he was told that if he did not go, he would die and should go. This fear is quite common among people.

Alfred Hitchcock – Ovaphobia (Fear of eggs)

Alfred Hitchcock, a famous Hollywood director and producer known for films such as Psycho and Vertigo, had extreme egg fear. He stated that he had never tasted eggs all his life and did not even want to be around the eggs. It is unknown why a man like Hitchcock has such fear.

Sigmund Freud – Fear of guns and ferns

Neurologist Sigmund Freud, who created many theories that changed the world, was afraid of weapons. He often says that fear of weapons is a sign of delayed sexual and emotional maturity. It is also common for people to fear weapons. As for ferns phobia, this is not a very common fear. It is unlikely that Freud had a traumatic experience with ferns as a child, but those who knew him admitted that he was afraid of ferns.

Oprah Winfrey – Fear of chewing gum

Oprah, the queen of the daytime television belt, has gum chewing phobia. This started for him at an early age when his grandmother saw gum and collected it in a cupboard. Oprah was so disturbed that for the rest of his life, he was afraid of gum. Chewing gum is so uncomfortable that he banned it in the television studio.

Natalie Wood – Hydrophobia (Fear of Water)

On the 34th street, the actress, who is famous for films such as miracle and the story of the west side; she was afraid of being, especially in the water. Although it is not known how this phobia started, there are rumors that Natalie’s mother started when she tricked her to stand on a bridge for a movie. The bridge was set up so Natalie could fall into the water below. This is said to happen when Natalie is young. So, fear existed with her for life. Ironically, she died of drowning from the yacht and drowning.

Billy Bob Thornton – Multiple fears

Actor, director, musician and writer Thornton has many fears. First, he is afraid of bright colors, and there is a fear of antique furniture! one day while in a restaurant full of antique furniture; He said that he could not eat, drink or even breathe. Finally, he is afraid of clowns, also known as coulrophobia. This clown horror is shared by Johnny Depp.

Nikola Tesla – Fear of germs and jewels

Nikola Tesla was a famous inventor known for his work on electromagnetism and electricity. Tesla, who avoided touching people and touching anything containing microbes, was known to wash his hands very often. In addition to germaphobia, he was very afraid of jewels, especially earrings containing pearls. Pearls made him very uncomfortable. In addition to his fears, he chose to do everything as three or three times. For example, he was determined to stay in hotel rooms, which can be divided into three.

Napoleon Bonaparte – Ailurofobia (Fear of cats)

The great French Napoleon Bonaparte was afraid of felines. However, it is not known why. Many leaders trying to rule the world, not just Napoleon; Hitler, Mussolini and Julius Caesar were also afraid of cats.