Recommendations to help those who think about buying dogs

Recommendations to help those who think about buying dogs

You have covered issues such as dog breeds and selection but are you ready to have a dog? Pet stores selling dogs. But what are dog price? How to order a dog food? Have you ever considered these? Here are the tactics for you.

I’ve been sharing my house with a dog for 9 months

He is about one year old. So, I think I have cooked a little and can give some advice to those who consider adopting a dog.

I think the most important point when buying a dog is getting to know yourself. I think that when a person who knows his own capacity, what he can and cannot do, adopts the right dog, these animal abandonment events that we all swear at will not happen.

For example, I love big breed dog. I wanted a big hug; I wouldn’t bury my head in the belly or something. But I know myself. I’m the lazy person. I know that a large breed dog should be walked, run, and energized for at least 2 hours a day. It’s definitely not for me. As such, I turned to a small race without taking the decision to adopt.

I have 2 cats and an 8-year-old child in my house. Naturally, I needed a race that was compatible with other animals and compatible with children. During the day, I decided on the basis that I could only spend time for an hour, and I owned a maltese terrier. A candy-like race fits well with our family.

After finding the right breed, one must decide whether to buy a puppy or an adult dog.

When I look at the dogs around me, I see that they both have their pros and cons. I wanted to enjoy raising a puppy. Since I was not working at this time and I was always at home, I decided that I could get over it. I must say that, if there is no one to be constantly at home, it is impossible to raise puppies. I’m not saying it’s hard or impossible. You will make your toilet everywhere, get hungry every 3 hours, need to be fed, you will not be able to leave alone for more than two hours in the first 3-5 months. It is not possible to meet these needs when you leave home at 8 in the morning and arrive at 7 in the evening.

Let’s say you have decided to own a puppy. You must be mentally ready to clean shit for about a year. The carpets in the house will be removed, the smell of vinegar will be an indispensable part of your life, there will be a dog pad in various parts of the house. If you don’t cut them, don’t take them for God’s sake. It is a pity for you and for the animal. Dogs are animals that bind very quickly.

My dog is extremely benign and very open to training. He did not have any extra difficulties except routine difficulties while taking toilet training. I recently started removing it 2 times a day and it adapted to it.

Let’s see how we got to this point

Narrowing space is the easiest and easiest way to give toilet training to the dog. If you open the whole house to the dog’s access, even if you put a pad here (because it will be forbidden to take the vaccines to the street before the vaccinations are completed), the dog will not find the pad from the size of the area. Because he eats frequently and comes to the toilet frequently, because muscle control has not yet developed, you will urinate here and there, and you will go crazy.

There is a mint called a dog training cage. A small wire mesh, square-shaped, open-top. I got it from this. I just put the bed, food and water containers in it, and lay it on the dog pads I wanted it to do. (By the way, I should mention that dog pads are incredibly expensive. I used the blankets, which are called baby under cover. He saw my job very well.) There was no space to move. Since the dog will not toilet his bed where he sleeps, he is accustomed to using the pad, and after a while it is conditioned.

I certainly did not get out of this cage for the first month. Since there was no more than 1 hour between the two pisses, but after I made that toilet, I took it on my lap and loved it, kissed it and smelled it, and then put it back in its place. This period is very difficult. Because they are so sweet that the animal does not come to the ground so much. But since I saw that those who did not prefer cage training had a lot of difficulties in this process and had long term problems, I thought this was the right one. You can also squeeze the things that are sold as pee spray on the pad in the cage and let your dog smell and make it to the right place. But we did not need this either.

After a month, I enlarged the cage. I changed the square shape and provided a much larger area than before, with the open part of the wires leaning against the wall. Although he occasionally gave fire, he mostly did it to his pad. When I made a mistake, I said no with a hard voice and cut the attention and left it alone. When it grew a little bigger, I expanded the cage further, and when the vaccines were completed and my vet told me I could go out, I completely removed the cage. Only during this period, I did not allow him to tour the entire house, but only to hang it in the living room. I started to walk around the house slowly in weeks, and as such, I started putting pads on more than one place at home. Because his muscle control was still not fully developed, he could not catch up to the pad in the hall when his toilet came. In this period, he started to make 7 of the 10 pee in the right place, but I was still trying to tolerate pee, poop cleaning, shake the vinegar and smell the house like a shepherd’s salad.

When we came and took the day out for the first time, I rubbed the pee in the house on the grass and tried to get him to learn that he should do it now. Our friend did not approach this at first. I was strolling in the street for 3 hours and he certainly did not hold it up to the house. As soon as he entered the door, he ran into the rush pad. My stranger was so conditioned in the past 4-5 months that he thought it was wrong to do the pad and to the street. When I was going out, I was getting reward food with me. When I started pissing out, I started showing joy like the maniacs, caressing his head and giving a reward food. When I started taking it out, I used to go out every hour. I had to go out often because it couldn’t hold long hours by age. I started dating every two hours after the first two weeks. Then when he said three or four, the breaks were opened in time.

By the way, I have used pawz branded dog shoes since the first day I started taking it out. Washing the feet on every street is a very troublesome and unhealthy way for the dog. It has been practiced without any difficulty as we have been practicing since the time of the brood and now it is waiting for me to lift the pais when we go out on the streets. There is only one thing to note about this pawz. It is that they can only be used for a very short time, as they are like balloons and prevent the dog’s feet from getting air. I will definitely not dress if I wander for a long time or go somewhere in the garden for a weekend trip. Dogs sweat through their paws. If they roam with pawz for a long time, mushrooms form between the paws that remain damp, which is very troublesome. However, we use it for short walks and toilets that do not exceed 20 minutes and we are very comfortable.

At the end of about 6 months, our toilet training sat at 95 percent. I am taking it out in the morning and evening with 12 hours apart. If we do not count the last week of diarrhea, he has not had any wastage in the last 2 months and has not made his home toilet. So, as I said at the beginning, it didn’t take a year to clean my pee poop. But when I bought it, I had prepared myself for it, and if it were, I would not worry.

I’d be lying if I gassed those who were thinking of buying a dog, saying that this process was very easy. It was a great challenge for me to constantly pee, to hate the house without a carpet, to sit for months without a carpet, to be on the street every hour before. But his love was so great and dominant that he did not feel heavy.

While I was embracing Laika, I read that dogs constantly gnaw items at home and smash shoes. But at last time, I saw that an energetic dog, who got energized, exercised enough during the day, played a game, neither bites nor damages things. For about a year, neither an item of me was smashed nor a piece of furniture was bitten.

Owning a dog was something that changed people’s lifestyles. It’s like having a child. This year, we made all our vacation plans accordingly. We chose a place from the hostel that accepts dogs and where it can be comfortable. We made a 12-hour car trip as the plane only accepted it in the cargo section and I would never agree to click it there. If I go out for fun at night, I have to return at a certain time because it is waiting for me at home. I can’t stay on boarding. I do not open a reciprocal window so that it is not disturbed by draft. All my life was indexed to my daughter. Now my dog has become a partner.

Apart from these, I can say that the dog alone is hard to look after. I live alone with my daughter, so there is no one to share the responsibility of the dog. Except for my boyfriend, who comes twice a week, to walk our dog, I have full responsibility. If more than one adult were at home, I would have done this process much more easily by passing through cleaning and walking. So, if you are more than one person at home, your job is much easier.

Despite all these difficulties, I cannot describe my love for him in words. When I go out on the street without it, I run back home. I wake up in the morning. Let me bite. I’ve been living with cats for ten years, and I thought I was a kitty, but the dog was completely different. No description. I sincerely recommend it to anyone who thinks they can overcome their difficulties, think that they can spare enough time, energy and budget. I’m like a cartoon character, hearts are gushing out of my eyes while looking at him. I pray for a long life and for many years.

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