The legendary tower built to reach God: Tower of Babel

The legendary tower built to reach God: Tower of Babel

The story of the Tower of Babel, mentioned in the scriptures and many local legends, began to reach God.

The tower that Babel started to build to reach God is the Tower of Babel.

There is a general misconception that it is too high for its purpose of construction. Although it is not exaggerated; The tower is in the form of a 7-story ziggurat, and each floor symbolizes a stage on the road to God.

1st floor stone,
2nd floor fire,
3rd floor plants,
4th floor animals,
5th floor people,
6th floor sky,
7th floor symbolizes the angels.

A person can reach God only after learning and understanding all this.

In the Torah and the Bible, the story of the Tower of Babel is told on the basis of arrogance.

Here is the Tower of Babel Bible story. People start building towers to reach God. This arrogance of the tribe angers God and when it comes to the last floor of the tower, God stops the construction of the tower by giving a separate language to all of them, by interrupting their communication with each other. Workers are also scattered all over the world, undertaking the mission of spreading languages.

“… and the Lord descended to see the city and the tower that their sons were building. They have a tribe, all of them have one language. Come on, let them mix each other so that they don’t understand each other’s language. The Lord scattered them from there and they stopped building the city. So for him It was called Babylon. ” (Torah, Genesis; 11: 1-9)

(According to Al-tabari, 72 different languages are given to those working in the tower. Only Al-tabari writes that it was Solomon, not God, who washed the tower.)

Punishment on arrogance or arrogance is already a common situation in Roman and Greek mythology.

Example; When Prometheus created the first male person to avenge the gods, Zeus also created Pandora and chained Prometheus. Or the way Sisyphus is punished is a good example of how arrogant the gods in Greek mythology are. According to the narrative, when Sisyphus took over Zeus, Zeus first engaged the angel of death Thanatos. But Sisyphus chains Thanatos. Thereupon, he was sentenced to round the rock forever.

Again according to the narrative, he will roll a rock up to the top of the mountain, and when it reaches the end, the rock will roll down. Then it will carry it all the way to the top and roll down again. This will continue forever. It is also a good example to see how bad things are arrogance to see the formations that take revenge by offering child stews to each other.