15 most beautiful states of the USA with their fairytale natural beauty

We go on a sweet journey by visiting the most beautiful states of the United States with 50 states in terms of natural beauty and environment.

This list is not “the 15 most livable states”. My only criterion here is natural beauty (mountains, stones and so on).

It is no coincidence that most states on the list are in the western half of the USA. There are many reasons for this, but first of all, the western side of the country is much more mountainous and curvier than the east. Personally, I always thought that high and snowy mountains add beauty to their location. This is purely my personal opinion.

I chose 4-5 major locations from each state so that the summer did not grow too long. Otherwise, it could be said that “there were other places that could tell in that state.” It is true. This article should be seen as a short summary. Finally, the photos I will share are “representative” and do not belong to me.

  1. Arizona

One of the few states in the list that does not have a sea, or a great goal coast is Arizona. In fact, the natural beauty of this state can be said to be slightly different from other states.

Although the majority of the state is the red desert we know from western movies and coyote cartoon, we can also say that it is a very mountainous state. One of the most important places in Arizona is the Grand Canyon and this is a unique place in other states.

One of the most beloved areas of Arizona is the Monument Valley, where the Indians once rushed and became a park today. In this valley, there are cylindrical red cliffs, whose top is flat like a table, which we often see in western movies.

Another natural place in Arizona that attracts a lot of tourists and is visited by millions of people annually is Lake Powell. This lake is a basin on the Colorado river (it may be the right word reservoir) and as far as i know it is one of Arizona’s biggest water sources. Like other natural shapes in Arizona, it is surrounded by red rocks.

Although it cannot be considered as a natural wonder, it is not possible to talk about the natural beauties in Arizona and not to mention the meteor crater in the state. The trail of a giant crater (although not the size of Texas) that strikes the deserts of Arizona, while going 40,000 km an hour 50,000 years ago, looks just as fresh as the first day.

The crater is about 200 meters deep, and the circle circumference is 3.5 km long, right next to the crater, where they watch a 3d documentary telling the story and formation of the crater.

Arizona national scenic trail is one of the things that Arizonans are most proud of their state. Starting from the US-Mexico border and crossing Arizona from south to north, this road is divided into 43 sections and you can try to finish any or all of these sections.

The most popular part of this road is, of course, the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Since most of the road consists of desert, it is recommended to bring plenty of water with you while walking here.

One of the must-see places in the province comes from the Montezuma park area, where the Indians carved the rocks and turned them into castles in the 1200s. The areas that are carved into the rocks are not literally “natural”, but I added an exception when adding this region to the list.

As a result, despite the fact that it does not have a coast and a significant part of it is desert, with its different and interesting geographical shapes, it is ranked 15th on my list of “states with natural beauty”. It is not difficult to go from Flagstaff to Sedona. And you should definitely go and see Sedona elevation.

  1. Minnesota

While the Europeans migrated to America collectively years ago, this state, where the Norwegians intensely migrated, has a very interesting beauty. The state’s nickname is “ten thousand lakes” because there are so many lakes in the state that those who live here say “every lake falls on every citizen” as a joke. So how many lakes are there in the state? If we count only 10 decares or more, the number of lakes in the province is 11842. If we count the 3 decares or more lakes, this figure goes up to 21871. As you go down to the state by plane, the view you see looks like a Swiss cheese filled with holes. This view resembles me more than Finland, but after Norway, Minnesota is the place where most Norwegians live in the world.

It is no coincidence that so many Norwegians migrated to Minnesota. This is one of the coldest states in the USA after Alaska. In fact, if I need to sort according to my personal experience, I will say Alaska, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Let me give an example of how cold the state is. For example, in the small towns of the province, when people go to the market, they keep the car running because it is not certain whether the car will work again if they turn off the ignition and they do not want to take risks in this regard. For example, in Minneapolis, the city’s largest city, all buildings are connected by tunnels because the streets are too cold to walk.

Now that I have cooled you down, let’s come to the state’s natural beauty. First, I told you that the province is home to more than 10 thousand lakes, but now let me talk about these lakes in more detail. Although Minnesota is far from the ocean and the sea, there is a 250 km coastline to the largest lake in the state, the superior. Although some of this coastline is rocky, a significant part of it consists of beaches and in summer this region is boiling with chirping people. There are not many people here except for those who want to walk on the frozen lake or cut the ice and fish under it because a significant part of the lake freezes in winter.

Minnesota hosts 67 state parks and the state are one of the first states to set up the “state park” system in the USA. Founded in 1891 at the bottom of the Mississippi river, Itasca state park is one of the oldest state parks in the country. Since it will take a long time to talk about individual state parks in Minnesota, let me pick and explain a few. grand portage state park is a very popular place as it is home to the biggest waterfall of Minnesota. This is a place where Indians come for fishing for years and is rich in every way, and today it is trying to preserve its former glory. The waterfall is not the only feature of this park on the USA-Canada border. The pigeon river and its surrounding woodland are definitely worth seeing. Detroit Lakes MN, ST Francis MN, Fairmont MN, ST Joseph MN, White Bear Lake and Faribault MN are the top places you should definitely visit.

  1. Idaho

Although there are all kinds of jokes about this state, which bears the burden of the USA’s potato production, it is a place worth seeing. In geography at university, Idaho was always referred to as the “biggest potato field in the world” and according to the image in my mind, there was nothing in the state other than the field (the same thing is said for Midwest states and corn fields such as Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and Indiana and there are fields that stretch for hundreds of miles in these states). When I first visited Idaho, I can say that it is one of the states that surprised and impressed me with its natural beauty.

The Coeur d’Alene goal (with a name like the wine brand) is one of the places to visit in summer and winter. This goal is located right at the bottom of the Coeur d’Alene town of the same name and is surrounded by lush forests and white mountains. It can be visited in every season of the year as it hosts all kinds of sports in summer and all kinds of winter sports in winter.

One of Idaho’s most beloved areas is the fishhook stream. Surrounding this creek is full of hiking trails and you will encounter views that resemble the Swiss alps as you pass through it in summer. Since the same region is completely white in winter, it resembles Swiss alps, but you see a much more colorful landscape in summer.

One of the landscapes that make Idaho is Mesa Waterfalls. These waterfalls, which are full of glass trees that can remain green for 4 seasons, were one of the places where the Indians came due to worship and fishing years ago. This waterfall, where fishing continues in the summer, returns on the coldest days of the winter. Meanwhile, there are more than one waterfall in mesa waterfalls, but the mesa waterfall that gives the region its name is the largest among them. The Mesa waterfall, which is approximately 10-storey building high, occurred after a volcanic eruption that appeared tens of thousands of years ago and as evidence of this, the volcanic rocks still visible in the region still exist.

It would be a shame not to go to Idaho and see the Lochsa river. This river is not the only or the largest river in the state, but it is one of the most worth seeing places. The waters of this river are so clean that you can fill a glass or jug with you and drink the ice-cold water into the blood. The bottom of the water is very clearly visible all over the river, and the glass forests around the river add beauty to the beauty of the scenery for four seasons.

For those who like to climb on the rocks, Idaho provides very nice opportunities. In a park called city of rocks, there are tall, varied, shape and shape rocks and you can choose a rock you want and start climbing according to your experience in rock climbing. While some tools require special tools and climbing experience, it is not hard to climb some smaller rocks.

The snake river, or the snake river, is the reason why the river bends to the right and to the left like a snake. Interestingly, the Indians would have agreed before the white man came to this land, and they gave the river the same name in their own language. Although this river passes through the desert part of Idaho, there are many large and small teas, streams, and various waterfalls on the banks of this river. This makes the snake river a must-see place.

One of the places to visit is definitely the town of sun valley, especially if you went to Idaho in winter. While this town and the surrounding mountains turn white in winter, the landscapes like below appear.

  1. Montana-Wyoming

I merged Montana with Wyoming and made it the only state. Already two states would have collected the ball by ball population of 1.5 million (area sizes as close to the total size of the turkey the size of the two states). The reason I wrote these states together is that the two have very similar geographical shapes, vegetation, and climate. These states are the two states in America where cowboys lived on horseback just like in the wild west and continued that lifestyle in the 1800s. I remembered a moment when I said Wyoming. A few years ago, we were driving from one end of the us to the other and stopped at a rest facility in Wyoming. In the car parked area, there were signboards for “watch out for rattlesnakes”. Fortunately, we were in winter, it was covered with snow, and the snakes were hibernating. There were really a lot of rattlesnakes in this area. In fact, the people living here often found snakes on their roofs and basements of their homes.

One of the most important natural beauties hosted by these two states is the world-famous Yellowstone park. This park is spread over an area of 10 thousand square kilometers. Naturally, it is not possible to visit such a large area full of geysers, waterfalls, rivers, goals, and many natural beauties in one day. Those who come to this park usually camp for 1-2 weeks and try to bring the bottom of the park, but even this time is not enough to fully visit the park. There are several options for camping here. If you have a caravan, there are areas where you can park. If you want to stay in the tent, there are regions reserved for this. Finally, you can rent a cabin or a barrack to stay in a little more comfortable conditions, or you can stay in one of the hotels around the park. Only in the national park, tickets are sold as “enter and exit”. So you can enter the park once and stay for up to 7 days with the ticket you bought, but if you stay in a hotel outside the park, you may have to buy tickets again at every entrance and exit, and this can be very expensive.

Sheridan town of Wyoming is literally a wild west town. Throughout the year, there are many events and festivals in the town reminiscent of the wild west such as rodeo tournament, cowboy olympics, country music festival, cowboy fair. No matter what season you come here except for the winter, it is a guarantee that you will not get bored here, especially if you have an interest in wild west and western movies. In this town, not only cowboys but also Indians have many activities, festivals, and fairs. In addition, this region attracts attention by being one of the only regions where buffaloes survive in American soil.

One of the interesting natural structures of this region is the devils tower, which is an interesting shaped rock called the devils tower and the vegetation around this rock. This rocky year is tried to be visited and climbed by half a million people, and since it has a very steep structure, it is very difficult to climb here without special climbing tools. The rock has a total height of 1600 meters and this rock has an interesting story told by the Indians. According to the story told, seven little girls belonging to the Kiowa natives were attacked by giant bears, each one thousand meters high, while running in the forest and started running away. The girls climbed on a small rock they saw with fear and prayed to the god they believed in and asked for help. Thereupon, the rock rose from the ground with great noise, reached its height today, and the giant bears following the girls could not climb the rock. According to the legend, the rock had reached such a high height that the little girls on the rock turned into stars and took their places in the sky (the Pleiades constellation), and from that day on, they began to illuminate the earth at night.

According to another legend told by another tribe, the same rock again protected several boys from a giant bear. There are several known versions of the story, but they all have giant bears and a rock that hugs the children who escape from these giant bears. That is why this rock has been considered sacred for hundreds of years. It goes without saying that the milky way and almost all the stars that can be seen in the northern hemisphere can be clearly observed in this region without clouding nights?

Yellowstone is not the only national park in this region. Another big and important national park in the region is grand Teton national park. Based on the traditions of the region, this park is a park usually visited on horseback. Local people who come here bring their own horses, while tourists can either rent horses at the entrance or inside the park or participate in guided horse tours. Since this place is again a huge size and has more than 800 camp sites, it would be good to leave this hope aside if you have a hope of traveling in a single day. There are so many activities to do in summer and winter in this park that you can perform almost all nature activities that come to your mind from rafting to skiing, cycling, and swimming. Be careful wherever you go, as this park and its surroundings are home to many wild animal species, from the Kurdish to the bear to the rattlesnake to the eagle. Fortunately, wild animals are extremely rare to attack humans, and if you respect their natural habitat, they don’t get infected, because these wild animals don’t have human flesh in their diet.

Even if you want to visit the national parks in this region, you will have to spend at least one month. One of the national parks in the region is the glacier national park. This mountain park, which is 4 thousand square kilometers at the bottom of the USA-Canada border, is fed by many resources. Overlooking the Rocky Mountains, this park has 130 large and small lakes, more than a thousand plant varieties and hundreds of different animal species. Since this region has its own ecosystem, it is not enough to be protected by both the USA and Canadian states, and it has been defined and protected by UNESCO as a cultural heritage. Unfortunately, the effects of global warming began to appear in the park and the glaciers in the park have started to contract and shrink in recent years. Nevertheless, this place continues to be one of the most worth seeing areas in the world in all its glory.

Apart from the national parks, there are 54 state parks and over a hundred local parks in the state of Montana. There are 12 ski villages in the state where you can ski in the winter. If you visited the province in the summer, you would get a mountain bike first thing. If you visited the state in winter, you would try to get a ski suit or sled. And Wyoming demographics is quite diverse.

  1. Utah

This is a religious state dominated by Mormons, and often escapes attention, but home to different and colorful geographical shapes, this state is a blend of snowy mountain ranges and deserts. The Bryce canyon, which was declared a national park years ago and was taken under protection by the federal state, hosts a different view every season. Even the region changes shape and color during the day according to the position of the sun and the shape of the shadows, and those who visit this place want to visit it many times. When you come to this park, you pass a 25 km road on the 63rd highway and every kilometer of this road you see different views. If you want to camp here, it is highly recommended to watch the sunrise and the west. The sun rising and setting here seems to be ascending and setting on a completely different planet. By the way, as I said, if you are going to camp here, I can guarantee that you will have a unique night thanks to thousands of stars and milky way.

The natural beauty of Utah is not limited to this. The state is home to 5 national parks, and Bryce is just one of them. Another national park in the state is the Zion national park. It is not possible to describe this park by giving its right, so I am thinking of leaving a photo below and closing the subject, but let me add it as a note: visiting this park is on the top of many people’s “100 things to do before death” list. There are more than 10 hiking spots in this park, each lasting an average of 4-5 hours, all of which allow you to see fantastic views. The only thing you should be aware of when hiking here is rattlesnakes. These snakes won’t attack you unless you bother or threaten them. So, when you hear the rattle, you can step aside and continue on your way.

When it comes to the lake, which is the largest and most important city of the province, the first thing that will attract your attention will be the huge white mountain ranges that surround the city. These mountains offer a unique opportunity for local tourists who want to ski in the winter season. Provo, the center of the province, must be seen.

  1. North Carolina

It is one of the few regions on the east side of the USA with mountains and rugged geography. One of the most lovable aspects of this state, which is quietly set on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, is that it has a climate very close to the Mediterranean climate. The mild climate makes it easy to travel outside and the fact that the weather is generally sunny increases the beauty of the views you will see.

The Appalachian mountain ranges that roam the east side of the USA can be observed from this beautiful state (okay, this is my personal opinion). Since the trees on the foothills of these mountains change color throughout the year, colorful landscapes can emerge, especially in the autumn.

Even if you are not interested in rafting, the 60 km long Nantahala river, one of the leading rafting venues in America, is a place that will attract your attention. In this river, which is full of trees and especially lush between April and October, different activities such as fishing, and harpoon can also be performed.

One of the natural beauties of North Carolina that is very popular with locals, but little known to tourists is the forest-covered mountains around the town of Asheville. If you reach a sufficient height while hiking in this mountainous area, you can see the blue ridge mountains on the horizon and magnificent views can be seen. These mountains are known for their color changes depending on the weather (sunny, cloudy, rainy). I have already said that the trees in the region changed color in the autumn.

There is a chimney rock state park about 40 km from Asheville. If you go up to the chimney rock that gives this park its name, the view you will see will leave your mouth open. This place is one of the most beautiful places not only in North Carolina but also in America. There are dozens of km of running, walking, cycling, and climbing tracks in this park. If you visit here, you will not regret if you spend a whole day here.

I said that North Carolina is by the ocean. So, let me say a few words about them as it would be a shame not to mention the beaches of the province. There are dozens of different beaches in the state, and one of the most popular is the Atlantic beach.

In fact, there are dozens of natural beauties worth seeing in this state but talking about them one by one will make the article much longer. Now that I have given the main idea I want to give and why I have listed the state, we can move on to the next state.

  1. Michigan

As someone who normally likes mountainous and rugged states, you may be asked why I put Michigan so high in the ranking. The biggest reason for this is the goals surrounding Michigan. Perhaps the most convenient place you can do by giving the right to “swim” activity is that the beaches in Michigan goal, because the oceans are not too much for swimming in the USA (for various reasons).

Even though Michigan’s total coastline amount is 4 thousand km long and far from the oceans, it is proud to be the American state with the highest coastline after Alaska. If we do not count these big goals, there are hundreds of big and small lakes, the following source, streams, rivers, and rivers in the province. If what is written in a source, I read last year is correct, no matter where you are located in the state of Michigan, you can never be more than 10 km from a clean water source. Trees that changed color in the autumn also host extraordinary views.

Michigan is a state that turns white due to heavy snowfall in winter, but as I said above, the state is very high and there are limited skiing opportunities since there is no mountain. My favorite activity to do in the snow in this state is to rent sled dogs from local villagers and be driven by husky people. The hourly rental fee of sled dogs changes every year, but if you go at a time with low density, you can find more affordable prices.

I have said that there are many large and small lakes in Michigan, other than the Michigan goal, which gave the province its name. For example, one of these goals is a small goal called torch. The feature of this goal is that it has turquoise waters like a tropical island, although it is near the US-Canada border.

The northern name of the province is home to dozens of waterfalls. While some of these waterfalls appear on maps and tourist guides, while occasionally trekking in the forest, you can come across waterfalls known only to the locals, not mentioned in any maps or guides. Eastern Michigan University, Alma College, Michigan Tech University, and University of Michigan Medical School are major schools in the state.

  1. Florida

Another state known for its vast beaches and beaches, but flat as a tray, is Florida. When white people first set foot in Florida, this place was not very popular. The immigrants who came to Florida with the ships never stopped here and traveled to the north with the first horse they found. Even the railway that connects today’s Miami to other cities was built long after thousands of requests and gratitude. This is because most of Florida is a tropical swamp. Most of the white sandy Florida beaches we sigh when we saw it today were created later.

Crocodiles, 6-7 meters of cobra snakes and other tropical animals have become part of life in Florida. In this respect, this state looks a bit like Australia to me. There are many islands in the south of the province and these islands are connected by a bridge. By following these bridges, you can go from Miami to key west, which is the last island, and you have traveled 220 k on the ocean. key west is the southernmost point of us and the capital of Cuba is only 100 miles from Havana. This point is exactly at the 24th parallel, that is, at the same level as the medina in Saudi Arabia.

One thing I don’t like about Florida is that its air is extremely humid. Let me tell a memory about this. While the summer heat had not started in May, we had landed in Florida by plane. We started sweating 10 seconds after we got out from the airport. So much so that I do not remember that I sweated like this in my life. I couldn’t open my eyes from sweat. When we arrived at the hotel 10-15 minutes later, I removed the backpack on my back and opened it, and the items in my backpack were drenched. So, I sweated so much that it went into my backpack and affected all the items. I didn’t even know that such a thing was possible until then.

One of the most popular natural attractions of Florida is the cocoa beach, which is home to one of the kilometers-long beaches. There are various goals outside the ocean in this tropical settlement located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and we can say that the view is two-way. Although it is difficult to watch the west of the sun from this coastal town about 1 hour from Orlando, the sunrise over the ocean can be clearly observed.

Florida is more than just beaches and beaches. In particular, the inner parts of the province are home to tropical forests and swamp-style rivers and lakes. Boats with a propeller or ventilator, which we know from Chuck Norris-style American films, are used to navigate these marshes.

Since the state has a tropical climate and natural vegetation, animals belonging to tropical climates such as crocodile, python snake, shark are not missing. I compare Florida with Australia to host dangerous animals. By the way, not all animals in the state are terrible. For example, one of the most well-known animals of the province are dolphins that come to the beaches and swim with people without any hesitation.

The Apalachicola forest in the north of the state covers a very large area and extends to where the Gulf of Mexico is located. In this forest, which is richly fed by many rivers and teas, trees run by the gazelles attract attention with their tall stature. Although there are such large trees in a place with such a hot climate, Florida is a largely green state.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to open a separate parenthesis in the forest of escala, which is the subject of documentaries and travelers, and dozens of large and small goals in this forest, north, south, east, and west.

The island of anna maria, which is at the bottom of the Florida territory and accepted within the state borders, is also worth seeing. The island, which is about 10-11 km long, attracts attention with its white beaches and ocean view where you can see many shades of blue at once. Since the coastline coincides with the west side, you can watch the west of the sun from here. Palatka FL and Arcadia FL are the top places to visit.

  1. Maine

We can say that this small state, whose most important export item is Stephen King books, is the cousin of Oregon. Already two states have tens of common points (for example, the largest cities of both states are Portland). The two most important features of Maine are 97% of its land is forest land and 350 km of coastline with a magnificent beauty overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. If I were living on the east side of the USA, this would be the state I would live in. There are so many wonderful places to visit in Maine that you do not need to take a map or guide with you. Jump in the car and go in any direction, after 10-15 minutes you come to a view that you will admire.

It is worth seeing the valley of the city passing through the state of the province and the Kennebec river with the same name. Here, while you can walk in the green forests during the day and watch the milky way at night, you have the opportunity to do all kinds of winter sports in the winter. This region looks like two different worlds in summer and winter. In the region where the rafters fill the rivers in summer, sled races of husky dogs take place in winter. This region, which has almost no population, does not sleep throughout the year.

Speaking of rafting, one should not mention the Penobscot river, one of the most popular rafting venues in the state. If we count only the main river, it is 150 km long, and if we count its side branches, this river, which is longer than 300 km, has almost no construction around and we can say that it preserves its natural state hundreds of years ago. The river flows with enthusiasm, especially when the snow in the mountains melts and turns into water, especially in April and May, where rafting people flock here. Since the river eventually flowed into the ocean, the cargo ships that used to trade between the ocean and the Maine territory many years ago used this place frequently, but today this river is mostly hosting nature sports and the ships rarely stop there. There are also more than 50 spots for fishing along the river.

I said that 97% of Maine is forest and only 2% of the state is open to settlement, right? Of course, there should be dozens of big and small parks in such a state. One of the most popular parks in the state is the Grafton notch state park and one of the most beloved places of this park is the screw auger waterfalls, which are adorned with colors as if it had fallen from heaven to earth.

There are many big and small goals in the inner part of the province, especially Rangeley. All of these goals are covered by forests, and many of them have almost no man-made structures around them. Here you can rent one of the wooden cabins that resemble Alaska and spend the summer or person here. Here, it is useful to remind that the population of the gazelle and deer is many times higher than the human population.

The only aspect of this state, which I said above that Oregon is its cousin in the east, is not forests, rivers, and goals. One of the most beloved aspects of the state is the 350 km coastline. While almost all of this coastline is home to glass trees, shape and shape rocks add beauty to the beauty of the region. Although the weather is sunny and hot in summer, the weather is generally misty and swollen in spring and autumn, and in winter, some of the beaches are covered with snow.

If you are a fan of Stephen King, it is recommended to come here when the weather is hazy in autumn and the environment is mysterious. In this way, you can better see the places where the stories of the King inspire and pass their stories. Other highlights include Boothbay, Wells Beach, Farmington ME, Gardiner Maine, Lewiston Maine.

  1. Colorado

I can say that I have seen the brightest, most pastel, lively, and vibrant colors I have seen in my life here. In this state, the sun shines so much that the green of the trees is green, the blue of the goals is blue, the color of the soil is changing to another color. In fact, because Colorado is a mountainous state, it is snowing here in winter, and the weather is often cold, but because the province sees more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the weather is rarely gloomy. The state has a 4-season color flare, and pastel colors in the state resemble arcade games released in the 1990s.

When the bright sun rising from winter days reflects from the snow on the ground, the image becomes so bright that your eyes start to experience as soon as you leave the house. After 10-15 minutes, you get used to this brightness, but you are advised not to drive or go on the road until you get used to your eyes.

There are hundreds of natural beauties that can be seen in Colorado, and let me mention a few of them. First of all, rocky mountain national park is one of the must-see places. Although some roads around this park are closed from the end of October to the end of April, the rocky mountain range, which gives the park and the park its name, hosts spectacular views without saying summer and winter.

More than a hundred kilometers of hiking trails in the park, special horse riding trails, fishing shore shores (especially the bear lake in the park), and the scenery that will fascinate you wherever you go in the park make it one of the most popular national parks in the USA. Throughout the park, you are likely to encounter all kinds of wild animals, including deer, gazelle, bear, and rattlesnake, and animals are generally known to behave as if you were not there. One of the lesser known features of the park is that it hosts many waterfalls. In short, we can say the summary of Colorado for this national park because when you visit this park, the natural beauties of Colorado are served as “confused”.

The place called garden of gods, the garden of the gods, is another place that shows why this province is so high on my list. This place, where various plants in pastel colors embrace with various rock formations in pastel colors, is one of the most favorite places in the province. There are many hiking and climbing trails in this park, some of which are soil, some are rocky, some are asphalt and address various levels of difficulty. Thus, you can choose the path that is suitable for your physical condition and enjoy the beauty of this place. There are even tracks that can be reached by car for those who are too sick or elderly to walk in this park. Nevertheless, I recommend you get out of the car for 5 or 10 minutes, because you do not have to worry about the nature and bird sounds in a sunny spring or summer day.

Aspen town in the province is one of the favorite places of skiers and winter sports fans who flock to the province especially in the winter season. Although this town is generally popular in winter, it is definitely a place worth seeing in every season. You can visit the aspen region in summer and winter, and you can always admire its natural beauty.

Speaking of aspen, we should also mention winter tourism here. Winter town lovers from many parts of the USA attack this town, which resembles Swiss Alps during the winter season. If you are going to visit aspen in the winter, you need to book months in advance, and it is a great risk to reach here with chains without tires especially in October and afterwards. You must be very careful while going to the place where even 4×4 chips or pick-up trucks stay on the road many times, but a magnificent view will be waiting for those who take all precautions.

As I said, there are hundreds of places and parks in Colorado that can be visited, but I try to make a living with a few examples so as not to extend the article. Another favorite place of the province is the region, which is home to rivers, goals and waterfalls called hanging lake and has a view that has fallen from heaven to earth. As I mentioned above, Colorado is home to many pastel and bright colors, and the views you see with your bare eyes resemble those in computer games. This is one of those places. It is very difficult to find a parking lot because it is an extremely popular place. Also, since some part of the path is crooked, it is necessary to walk carefully in some parts.

Apart from these, the independence pass, which is near aspen, must be seen. Other highlights include Telluride CO, Fountain CO, Denver Colorado elevation, Parachute Colorado, Burlington CO, Black Forest Colorado.

  1. Alaska

One of the undisputedly most beautiful states of the USA is Alaska. There are places in this state where people have not yet set foot, that have not yet been discovered and nobody even knows about their existence. In this state almost three times the size of the total 1.8 million with the turkey square kilometers. If we tried to explain Alaska with its right, we should have written a volumetric encyclopedia, not a book.

One of the first places that come to mind when it comes to Alaska is Denali National Park. This park has 6 million acres of land and it can take 1 week to visit here by giving the right. The park, which has its own ecosystem, has hundreds of plants and species, and thousands of people walking around the park can spend a long time without seeing each other. Since it is very easy to get lost in this huge park, it is recommended to take a compass, a map and a device with a GPS in it. There is also a minibus service that goes to and from certain points of the park.

In general, if you do not go out of the marked and drawn paths, you do not have much to worry about, but in winter, it is easier to lose your way as the paths are covered with snow. It is not so wise to go to nature tourism for 3-4 hours a day in winter. The guards patrolling the park in the winter use husky breed sled dogs for transportation within the park, which gives a cute look. In summer, the weather is warm, but since the humidity is high, insects and flies are never missing. In addition, although the weather in Alaska is mild in the summer, it rains almost every day.

The biggest concern of most people when it comes to natural life in Alaska is the attack of the bears, but the animal species that kill the most people are the moose called moose. These deers have huge horns and can kill a person with a single horn blow. Although these animals are herbivores, they can attack people who are too close to them just because of their stubbornness or to protect their offspring, and their right and left are not known. That’s why when you go to Alaska for a stroll, you need to be careful with these animals.

Another national park in Alaska is the Kenai fjords national park. Even though Norway comes to mind when it comes to fjords, there are considerable and large numbers of fjords in Alaska. We can say that Kenai fjords are the most known among them. By participating in the boat tours organized in the summer season in this place, you can closely observe the whales that live in the region or use it as a migration route, these sable animals, sea lions and tens of different bird species living only in this region. You can also see the effects of global warming while touring this region and witness the drama of glaciers that are shrinking year by year. Prudhoe Bay is one of the major settlements in Alaska.

  1. Washington

Geographically, between the state of the Oregon of USA and the British Columbia provinces of Canada, it would not be expected to be beautiful. One of the most beautiful aspects of this state is its geographical diversity. With rainforests on the west side, snowy volcanoes and mountain ranges in the middle, and a desert climate on the east side, Washington will come to everybody like medicine. Where can I start telling Washington? The olympic national park in the northwest of the province is a magnificent place that combines the ocean and the rainforest, offering 50 tons of green and blue in all seasons, and you cannot finish it for months. Volcanic mountains such as saint helens and rainier have different views in summer and winter and you can perform all kinds of snow and ice sports here in winter.

Washington has one thing I do not like as nature, which is that the western part of the state is very swollen, especially in the autumn and winter seasons. Sometimes you can’t see the eye because of the swollen from the ocean and you are often deprived of those magnificent views. However, there is not much fog in Oregon, right at the bottom of Washington. I do not know the geographical or meteorological reason why the other states are completely buried in one of the two states side by side while there is not much fog, but I know that there is such a thing.

The 4400-meter-high mount rainier is one of the tallest and most magnificent mountains on the west side of the USA. This mountain, which has managed to stay white for 4 seasons due to its elevation, is also suitable for skiing for 4 seasons. Although it is beneficial to check the amount of snow before going, since the amount of snow here has decreased due to global warming recently, it seems that it will be profitable in general. This is one of the best places in the world where you can watch the sunrise and the west and the stars at night. You are amazed at what you have come across during the day in the scenery around the mountain. Even if you don’t want to climb the mountain, you can hang out in the forests around the mountain, and you can swim and fish in unique beauty goals at the foot of the mountain. Since it is a national park and close to Seattle, it is very busy especially in summer and Christmas time and it is recommended to visit October-November or March-April. There are lots of paths at the foot and around the mountain, and it’s easy to get lost if you don’t take a map with you. Also, since the environment is mountain top, phones do not always pull. Therefore, it is recommended to take a paper map with you in any case.

I must do this too since it would be a sin not to talk about Washington and mention the olympic national park. Olympic national park is one of the hidden paradises on earth, surrounded by mountainous, forested and beaches between Seattle and the Pacific Ocean, with hundreds of km of pathways, dozens of streams, rivers, waterfalls and goals. More than 50 nature and water sports can be done in this national park, which is established on a large area of 4 thousand square kilometers.

When you raise your head to the waves of the Pacific Ocean, which suppresses the subtle sound of the rain and emerges much louder as you walk for hours in the rain forests where the rain is thin, silent and softly, you get the meaning of the word of peace when you mingle with the sounds of dozens of different bird types that you see all around you. Wherever you stand in the park, which is 4 thousand square kilometers and lush for 4 seasons, you will definitely hear a sound of water. This sound comes either from a river or creek flowing near you, from a waterfall or the ocean, but it is not missing at all because no matter where you stand in the park, there is a source of water nearby. In fact, the olympic national park is more like a confederation park, where 30-40 small and large parks come together and form rather than a single one.

Almost the most beautiful parks in the country came together and created the voltran, and this park appeared. I shared a picture from each park, but it is not enough to share a single picture from this park. Tumwater, Prosser, Bellevue Washington, Enumclaw WA are other important settlements.

  1. Oregon

How should I describe this state now? I can’t write books on this. I have been living in Oregon for about 3 years and I discover new things every day. For example, 2 weeks ago, I discovered a waterfall 5-6 km from my house, which I had not known before.

There’s something I’ve always said about Oregon. Open an Oregon state map in front of you, blindfold you, then choose a random place with your finger and go there, you will surely see at least 4-5 photos of landscapes there. So far, I have never seen it surprised. We can divide Oregon into three parts. One-third of the west can be called ocean shore and rainforest, the middle-third is valley and mountains, and the east is desert. In this sense, there is a geographical diversity that is not present in many states in Oregon. Since only 3% of the state is open to development, the remaining 97% can be said to be largely open to discovery.

If I want to count all the natural beauties in Oregon, pages are not enough. So, in this entry I will only mention a few of my favorite places. Although the first place that comes to mind when it comes to Oregon is the ocean shore, I would like to talk about the Columbia River first. In fact, it would be unfair to attribute all the beauty of this river to Oregon, as this river is a river that divides the states of Oregon and Washington and draws a borderline to two states. Since Columbia is a river, it can reach 2 km in width, and in some parts, it is possible to see scenes like the Bosporus or Fjord in Norway.

The Columbia River is a total of 2,000 km long, so it’s hard to see the whole but it’s worth seeing the part from Astoria to Pendendton (also passing through Portland). Here you can see various river beaches, cliffs, waterfalls, small teas joining the river, rivers and many more extraordinary views. There are also tour ships touring this river. These types of ships serve in winter and winter, but it is recommended to go in summer because you cannot enjoy the view enough because the weather starts to get dark at 4 o’clock in winter.

The reason why I put Oregon on top of Washington in the ranking is because its population is less. The total size of the State if the turkey, although the total population of Marmara and the Mediterranean up to a total of 4 million. Since there are hundreds of big and small parks and more than 2 thousand campsites in the state, there will be a maximum of 5-10 people wherever you go. When we went to a beach last week, we saw some people camping there. There was another camping tent 100-150 meters beyond a camping tent, and another camping tent 200 meters beyond it. we spread our towels 150 meters away from that last tent. When the population is low, people can easily spread and listen.

Not to mention the landscapes of Oregon and not to mention the Pacific coast. Thanks to the “Oregon beach bill” law passed exactly 50 years ago and celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, all of Oregon’s 450 km coastline is completely public and publicly available. You can enter the beach you want for free and hang out as you like. You are not asked to camp on the beach only at night because sometimes the waves that can swallow the beach completely come at night due to the tidal events. At the last minute they rescued a couple who had been camping in the last beach and caught in the tide.

who knows the dune book knows. This book, which later became a movie and computer game series, was inspired by the beaches in Oregon. Frank Herbert was on vacation in Oregon in the 1960s and was amazed to see the size of the beaches. Later, inspired by this, he designed a completely beach-made planet. Today, vehicles such as ATV, dirt bike, monster truck tour can be driven on these beaches and this is one of the most popular activities on the Oregon coast.

I said that Oregon has geographical diversity. The state hosts not only beaches and rivers, but also mountains and goals. One of the most favorite places in the state is the mt hood, which is filled with skiers in the winter. This mountain resembles to me the fuji mountain in japan in many ways.

One of the most popular features of Oregon is the mossy forests that seem to come out of fairy tale books. Known for being four seasons green, the only part of the trees that are green is not the leaves. Since the trunk and branches of the trees are covered with moss, these parts remain green all year round, and lush forests emerge from all directions.
There is a small mountain in pacific city, which is made entirely of sand and is located at the bottom of the ocean. You can face a magnificent view by climbing this mountain. It looks like it is quite easy to climb this mountain when looking from the outside, but since the beach consists of very soft sands, you collapse in every step you take and after a while your knees start to burn. Nevertheless, you can rest comfortably in 20-25 minutes, and when you go to the top, you have nothing to do but watch the blue waves hitting this charming seaside town.

There is a volcano in Oregon that erupted 6600 years ago and then somehow filled with water, and it has become a tourist attraction today under the name of crater lake. This is also the deepest goal in the USA. This goal, which is full of snow in winter, turns blue in summer and boat tours are organized here in summer. Since the surface of the lake is approximately 2 thousand meters above sea level, the air is clean, and the milky way can be observed easily at night. Since it is located in a very rain-free area of Oregon, the weather is generally sunny and clear, but it is recommended that you be prepared accordingly as a wind that accompanies you in summer and winter is not accompanied by the altitude. By the way, this is the only national park in Oregon, and after November, the park can often be closed due to snowfalls.

When you say Oregon, people think of forests and the ocean, which can be immense and can stay green for four seasons, but a significant part of the state known for its geographical diversity consists of desert, and it shouldn’t surprise you to see the sights like the Arizona or Utah deserts mentioned above in the east of Oregon. Anyway, the only reason I put Oregon so high on the list is not only the province’s forests, rivers, goals, beaches, ocean coast but also deserts, rocks, hills, and geographic diversity.

Another thing that comes to mind when it comes to Oregon is the waterfalls as I mentioned above. There are hundreds of large and small waterfalls in the state, and some of these are known to everyone and frequently visited by tourists, but some are examples that you may find by chance and unknown. You can see 13 different waterfalls just by walking a 12 km track in the Silver Falls state park. Bandon, Oregon Lighthouses are other important settlements. Also, visiting cabela’s oregon before your visit to Oregon will enable you to have a more enjoyable time with great outdoor products.

  1. Hawaii

To describe the state of Hawaii in one word, the most appropriate word would be “heaven”. Until today, I have not seen a person in my life who went to this state and did not return satisfied. I am even more increasing, I have witnessed that almost all of the people who have gone to Hawaii say “I wish I could have stayed longer” or “I wish I could have lived here” when they returned. Hawaii, which also hosts the lost series, is a magnificent state in every sense. My biggest dream is to build a life that will spend 6 months of the year in Oregon and 6 months in Hawaii.

Let’s go back to the subject. Hawaii is ultimately a tropical island (or rather islands) but I’ve never seen the air temperature rise so high. The weather is around 20-25 degrees throughout the year and falls a bit more in the winter season, but there is no exaggerated weather that prevents you from going out and traveling. Thanks to the puffy breezes coming from the Pacific, humidity does not rise to such uncomfortable levels.

You will see dozens of beaches in Hawaii, and no beach will look like the previous one. Each beach has its own geographical features and the more different beaches you visit, the more you will notice. First of all, although the beaches at the bottom of the big hotels are crowded, you can leave the American tourists, who do not like walking after a few kilometers of walking, and reach more empty beaches (did I say arrive? “Hawaii” and “arrive” is it okay). Although some beaches are far from hotels, it is crowded because tour ships leave passengers there.

In places where people are few, you can watch the natural life thanks to the cleaning of the water, and you can observe the color, color and variety of fish species. If you coincide with the whale migration season (normally from December to May, but the peak period is between January and March), you can even watch whales that migrate from afar. There is also an activity called snorkeling, which is the name given to diving from some rocks and swimming with animals such as various kinds of fish and sea turtle.

Although there is no fault line passing through Hawaii, this is a very active earthquake zone and there is a small earthquake almost every day. The reason for such an earthquake here is the presence of active volcanoes on the island. Although many of these volcanoes are active, it is unlikely to have an eruption while you were there. Let me mention another security issue. When it comes to Hawaii, the biggest fear of most people is sharks, but the animal fly species that pose the biggest threat to humans here. Flies, which are generally at risk of disease due to the tropical pacific climate, are very dense especially in the summer months and threaten the people with weak immunity (generally the elderly) with the disease.

When hiking outside, you are asked to leave the natural life to yourself, not to touch any animals, to disturb and scare animals in any way. Since the sea and land creatures here are part of the naturally occurring ecosystem here for millions of years, the balance is undesirable. They are really very sensitive about this.

Hawaii islands were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions in the middle of the Pacific Ocean years ago. The first formed of these islands is “garden island”, which is known by the Americans, that is “garden island” in Turkish. This island is also the northernmost island of Hawaii. Since there is not much settled life on this island, the infrastructure is very limited, and many regions cannot be reached by car. Instead, you need to rent a boat or buy a ticket from one of the tour boats. Of course, if you are a person who loves trekking and climbing, you can visit some places from the rocks to climb by land. There are many streams and streams on this island, and there are dozens of large and small waterfalls gushing from the rocks.

Since the majority of the population living in Hawaii lives on the island of Oahu, which includes the capital Honolulu, this is the most developed island in terms of infrastructure, hotels, restaurants and roads. In other words, if you want to visit many places in a short time and your budget is limited, it will be easier to stay on this island and rent a car or take a taxi. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the traffic is terrible because this island is usually full of old people who live in retirement, so you can find yourself driving behind an old aunt in the left lane at a speed of 30 km per hour, but this is not very important because you will be accompanied by beautiful views along the way. Hawaii Hilo is the largest city on the island and is one of the places to visit. Diamond Head, Oahu, Hanalei and Black Rock Maui are other highlights. If you are wondering best month to go to Hawaii, you now know the answer.

  1. California

I have been so beautiful in Hawaii in the above article that it is a state above Hawaii that will surprise people, but there really is such a state. First of all, let me explain the reason why I kept California, where I lived in 4 years, higher than Hawaii when I was studying college in time after I have been so beautiful in Hawaii: geographical diversity.

Hawaii is really one of the most suitable places for the definition of “heaven” in people’s minds, but it cannot be said that there is too many variety. California is a place where natural beauty blends with diversity. Let me tell you a few scenes from various parts of California to better understand the situation. First, we are on the southern California coast. A blue sky and the ocean in front of us, palm trees around us, a warm air, big and imposing waves that land a few seconds apart, very soft and soft sands.
But California is not all about that. We are heading a little north and when we come to Ventura, this time we see that the ocean blends with mountains, hills, elevations, and rocks covered with a different shade of green and yellow.

We go a little further north and this time we arrive at the area called big sur. The curving roads, the increasing roughness, the rocky cliffs, the more and more waves of the waves, which have increased in size, are more enthusiastic and noisy, and that it is heard even 1-2 km away, has set sail to a completely different world while adding colorful wild flowers and herbs to the beauty of the region. we’re going.

As you move from the coastal part of big sur to the interior, a change in the vegetation is noticeable. Now, instead of palm trees, glass trees with various sizes, some of which are over 100 years old are beginning to be seen. This place (part of highway # 1 from big sur to Monterey) is exactly one of my 2 favorite spots in California. It also feels sympathetic to me because it is somewhat reminiscent of Oregon.

As you get closer to the Oregon border from California, the density, size, and shade of trees continue to increase. It is not uncommon to encounter such landscapes in the south of the Oregon border:

The geographical diversity in California alone is not limited to the coastal area. The state also has desert and mountainous areas. For example, the Tahoe goal, which is one of the most popular holiday destinations of the province, is beautiful in summer and beautiful in winter, a tropical sea in summer and mountains of Switzerland in winter.

Yosemite national park is another example of California’s geographical diversity.

the southeastern part of California hosts the red deserts we know from western movies and helps complete the geographical diversity we see in every part of the state.

California is geographically like the summary of the whole USA. Home to both rainforest, desert, snowy mountains, vast beaches and many other geographic beauties, this state deserves to be the most beautiful state in the USA. Sometimes there are those who ask me “what to do in California” and my answer is always the same: “You can do whatever you want to do in California. If you want to ski, you want to surf, if you want to surf, if you want to go mountain climbing, if you want to do forestry, forestry … “The landscapes and natural beauty shown in GTA 5 is not an exaggeration.

Now you will say “If California is the most beautiful state, why don’t you live there?” California, which has a population of over 40 million at the moment and is more crowded than many countries in this sense, seems to me too crowded. Even if you ask me, even the 4 million Oregon of California, which has a population of 10, is overcrowded, but in this sense, it is bad. Perhaps the worst in California is the traffic density it brings with the crowd. Whenever I go to this state, which we must visit constantly because it is the hometown of my lady, I feel like I found myself in the game of GTA. If you are a person who does not worry about crowd and traffic, it is one of the liveliest states with its California climate, nature, culture, variety and opportunities. Places such as Tecate, Van Nuys, Valley Village, Agoura Hills, San Ramon, Marin County and Granada Hills are at the top of the list of important information you may want to learn about.

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