Why do wizards necessarily need a wand in mythology, literature and cinema?

Why do wizards necessarily need a wand in mythology, literature and cinema

In popular culture or ancient texts, sorcerer or sorcerer-derived characters always have a wand and they usually do their job with this wand. So where does this habit come from?

Why do sorcerers need wands?

It is accepted that the use of the wand symbolizing power was first seen in Egypt.

In Indian mythology, the wand used by the sorcerers was brought up to the floor of the god and was depicted as a weapon in the hands of God Yama, the protector of the land of the dead. From now on, wand reign will gradually be seen as one of the symbols of wisdom in all world mythologies.

The main reason why wand symbolizes miraculous powers in Judaism is, of course, that according to the parable in the Torah, the wand carried by Moses turned into a snake and became old again. After that, Jewish scholars, traders, alchemists and travelers begin to carry wand in their hands. Also, in Israel, wand is the symbol of the monarch.

According to iconography researches, it was determined that wand started to be used in China during these periods, but the Chinese started to use the wand as a worshiping instrument. In Far Eastern mythology, the wand symbolizes balance and prevents the soul from surrendering to evil.

The interesting thing is that the wand, which has received almost no interest in the history of Christianity, has its place in the folk tales of European Christian communities with the influence of Scandinavian mythology.

Source: eksisozluk.com