Where do the feces and piss of 8 billion people go?

Where do the feces and piss of 8 billion people go

Have you ever thought where the feces and piss of so many people, briefly where sewage waters are flowing?

First of all, it comes to the treatment plant of the region through pipes. Here, some solids are removed by passing through the grills. Some of these are done automatically and some are done manually. You cannot guess what kind of materials come out. Then, it passes through the sand and oil trap and reaches pre-settling. Here it is kept for a while and reaches the aeration pool. Biological treatment is done in the aeration pond and the final precipitation is sent. After waiting for a while in the last precipitation, it is sent to chlorination pools. Some facilities do not chlorinate. So, it is directly discharged.

Of course, while these are happening, measurements are made instantly. Standards vary depending on the environment discharged; There are different discharge standards for the sea, for the stream, for the lake (which is generally not preferred, because it is still water). If these standards are not met, it is forbidden to discharge. The facility can be closed if it is discharged in this way. It can also be used for irrigation of agricultural products if the discharged water standards meet.

The structure, which we call sludge settled in the front and final settling pools, is sent back to the facility with a return. Depending on the size of the facility, methane gas can be produced from this sludge. We were providing almost 60% electricity of the facility I worked for a while with this methane gas. Then the mud is dried and sent to the press. Here, the water in it is sent from the beginning of the facility and it is included in the treatment again. This process continues like this. The mud separated from the water is sent to the solid waste storage facility.

Source: eksisozluk.com