Street where vehicles can be charged with streetlights

Street where vehicles can be charged with streetlights

Sutherland Street in London was the first street in England to be completely transformed into the “Electric Avenue” concept to provide electric vehicles with charging points via streetlights.

Sutherland Street in Westminster, London is now an electric street. 24 streetlights on the street are also charging points. The transformation of Westminster City Council in collaboration with Siemens and Ubitricity is a first in England as it covers a street completely. This transformation also contributed to Westminster reaching its 1,000 charging point target set for 2020.

Service to electric vehicle owners for fresh air: Electric Avenue

Thanks to the use of streetlights, the existing infrastructure can be used. So, there is no need to dig the roads and lay new cables. Charging takes place by inserting the other end of the SmartCable, which is connected to the electrical installation in the streetlamp, to the electric vehicle by the user. How many kilowatt-hours of power is taken for charging is recorded by a meter on the cable and the customer is billed accordingly.

Berlin-based Ubitricity has been transforming London’s streetlights into charging points since 2015. After Siemens entered the project, more than 1,300 streetlights in London also became a charging point function. These steps are being taken under the #LetLondonBreathe campaign, where London Mayor Sadiq Khan aims to improve London’s air quality. The number of streetlights with charging functions in Westminster increased to 296 with this transformation. In the coming weeks, 2 more streets adjacent to this street are planned to be converted.

S0, if you have a Tesla model electric car, feel free to stroll through the streets of London 🙂