Free online training from the world’s most prestigious universities

Free online training from the world's most prestigious universities

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the time spent by millions of people around the world has increased enormously. Are there ways to efficiently evaluate the time spent at home? Studying at the most prestigious universities in the world is a luxury for most of us. Either the fees are too high, or it is difficult to meet the criteria for entering these schools.

Websites like Khan Academy, founded with the slogan of free education for everyone, have been very popular lately. Everyone wants to try Lynda free courses. Wouldn’t you like to get an online MCA training from where you live? In this article, we have included the top distance learning universities. If you want to be among the online students of these important universities, hurry up. There is even an online MBA among Columbia University programs.

Now, many elite universities from Oxford to Harvard offer free online lessons. Having internet is enough for you to take a biology lesson at Princeton University and learn how the brain works. The most prestigious universities are prepared by examining which courses you can attend from which universities for free.

Computer Science:
• Harvard University, Introduction to Computer Science
• Princeton University, Algorithm Part I
• Princeton University, Algorithm Part II
• University of Columbia, Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics
• Columbia University, Machine Learning
• Columbia University, Artificial Intelligence
• Georgia Institute of Technology, Machine Learning
• Princeton University, Software Defined Network
• Princeton University, Computer Architecture
• Princeton University, Algorithm Analysis
• University of Columbia, Computer Animation
• Dartmouth University, C Programming: Modular Programming and Memory Management
• Harvard University, Introduction to Computer Science
• University of Pennsylvania, Algorithm Design and Analysis
• University of Pennsylvania, Robotics: Visual Intelligence and Machine Learning
• University of Pennsylvania, Data Structures and Software Design
• Princeton University, Computer Science: Algorithms, Theory, and Machines

• Harvard University, Using Python for Research
Web Programming with Harvard University, Python and JavaScript
• University of Pennsylvania, Programming for the Web with JavaScript
• Harvard University, Introduction to Game Development
• University of Pennsylvania, Software Development Fundamentals

Data Science:
• Harvard University, Statistics and R
• University of Columbia, Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics
• Harvard University, Data Science: R Fundamentals
• Harvard University, Data Science: Visualization
• Harvard University, Data Science: Linear Regression
• Harvard University, Data Science: Wrangling
• Harvard University, Data Science: Productivity Tools
• Harvard University, Data Science: Probability
• Harvard University, Data Science: Inference and Modeling
• Columbia University, Data, Models and Decisions in Business Analytics

• University of Pennsylvania, Modern and Contemporary American Poetry
• Yale University, Ethics of Everyday Life
• University of Pennsylvania, Greek and Roman Mythology
• University of Pennsylvania, Ancient Philosophy: Plato and Pioneers
• Harvard University, Religious Literacy: Traditions and Scriptures
• Harvard University, The First Chinese Empires and the Rise of Buddhism
• University of Pennsylvania, English for Career Development
• University of Pennsylvania, Journalism English
• University of Pennsylvania, Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Civilization
• Harvard University; Invasions, Revolts, and the Fall of the Chinese Empire
• Harvard University, China and Communism
• Harvard University, Masterpieces of World Literature
• Princeton University, Global History Laboratory
• Yale University, Journey of the Universe: The Beginning of Life
• Cornell University, Eating Ethics
• Harvard University, Islam with Scriptures
• Harvard University; Religion, War and Peace
• Harvard University, Works of World Literature
• University of Pennsylvania, Business and Entrepreneurship English

• University of Pennsylvania, Introduction to Marketing
• University of Pennsylvania, Introduction to Financial Accounting
• Yale University, Financial Markets
• University of Pennsylvania, Customer Analytics
• Yale University, Global Financial Crisis
• Columbia University, Financial Engineering and Risk Management
• Columbia University, Global Human Capital Trends
• University of Pennsylvania, Operations Analytics
• University of Pennsylvania, Accounting Analytics
• University of Pennsylvania, Spreadsheet and Introduction to Model