A delicious method of brewing coffee for those who use Aeropress

A delicious method of brewing coffee for those who use Stumptown Aeropress

If you are using Aeropress, it is possible to make more satisfying coffees by paying attention to simple things. Those who say how to make coffee with Aeropress, welcome.

Aeropress, as has been said many times, is a truly awesome brewing equipment. Let me share a mixture I tried by brewing with the Inverted method (upside down):

Prepare 8 grams of Kenya Muthuaini and 24 grams of Dark Roast Espresso coffee with medium-fine ground.

440 ml of water (get the temperature around 80 degrees celcius).

After putting all the coffee in the Aeropress bowl, add the water slowly (pour thinly like a pencil and pour it, this important pouring part). It will take approximately 220 ml of water; After adding the water, gently mix the coffee water mixture with its own apparatus. Slightly mix for 8-10 seconds, do not cool the coffee, giving direction as it will melt sugar in the tea glass, not east-west, north-south.

Turn off the filter and let it brew for 90 seconds (do not forget to wet the paper filter with hot water after putting it in its holder).

Invert and press it for 30 seconds.

Add 220 ml of water to the coffee you brew and increase it to 2 people (adding water to the coffee is not recommended afterwards, but you will not regret it.

Stumptown has prepared a nice guide on how to make great coffee using Aeropress. Come take a look. https://www.stumptowncoffee.com/brew-guides/aeropress

How to make Vietnamese coffee with Aeropress? Let’s watch.

Source: eksisozluk.com