Book pages turning into sculptures

Bethany Bickley-Book pages turning into sculptures (1)

US-based artist Bethany Bickley turns book pages into sculptures. Just like cardboard sculpture. The artist enables us to understand what the book tells us not only by reading but also by seeing it.

For example, she created a figure that tells about the character’s experiences for Sylvia Plath’s most famous novel “The Bell Jar”. While doing this, she used the pages of the book and even the pages containing the sentences describing the inner world of that character. Thus, when you look at the statue, you can understand what the book wants to tell before reading the book. The statue is so detailed that you can see all the sadness of the character perfectly.

Although they look like origami with printer paper when viewed from a distance, the details appear when you look closely. Something like this can’t be done with origami boxes, right?