9 mistakes that cannot be done twice in a relationship

9 mistakes that cannot be done twice in a relationship

There are some mistakes that cannot be repeated a second time, it cannot even be offered to repeat. Sometimes we cannot realize the mistakes we make due to lack of communication and sometimes lack of empathy. Of course, every relationship has its ups and downs, but if this becomes a habit, a romantic relationship is a ‘source of stress’ rather than a union that makes you happy! is becoming. It is a great disrespect for the other party to underestimate, repeat or underestimate the mistakes made in the relationships, remember this. Nobody wants to continue with a partner who does not consider their wishes and feelings. Honesty in a relationship is an important thing, but there are also important things that shouldn’t be. Here are 9 mistakes that cannot be repeated a second time in a relationship!

Getting emotional support from ex

If you accept each other completely as friends, there is no problem staying with the ex-girlfriend. Occasionally, if you are meeting, writing or chatting somewhere, everything is fine. However, when you need emotional support, when you are bored with an issue, if you make up excuses and expect attention from it, you should immediately stop this habit. “If we are looking for support in places outside of our relationship, this indicates that we are not our current partner,” says psychotherapist Jennifer L. Silvershein. If you need your ex-girlfriend, you have problems that you need to sit with your current girlfriend and solve.

Keep a secret

You cannot be together with a person just to have sex or to appear in environments. At the same time, being a best friend is one of the cornerstones of the relationship. Do you have any secrets that you hide from it? And what about your best friend? You should be as transparent as your best friend with your lover. Secrets bring lies.

Forgetting an important day

Why did you ever think of your parents in an ordinary marriage? If both said at least “I love you” to each other on their wedding anniversary, they would be much happier now if they did something little on each other’s birthdays. Don’t you think it is a little early to forget important days? Forgetting an important day is one of those issues that has the credit of making a mistake only once in a relationship.


When you look back at your relationship and look from afar, you sometimes feel that you need a break. It will be your medicine to meet for a few months and then continue where you left off. However, if this happens more than once, you are now in an unhealthy relationship. Reciprocally, what you do in the period when you do not meet will be unstable. At this point, it is best to separate the roads.

Keeping the relationship in the community

At the beginning of the relationship, it may seem strange to meet your friends and say, “Hello, we are lovers now.” If neither side has an ongoing marriage, there is no explanation for hiding. Either one of the parties in the relationship has a problem or you are not sure about the relationship. An even bigger problem if one side says, “Let’s hide”. Also imagine how impulsive and insidious you will look when you learn later.

Crossing the limit of jokes

Of course, you should be able to make fun of each other, be mocked, lie on the floor from laughing. But have you ever had ‘moments when the joke turned into poo’? If such moments are more than one, you or your partner do not have control over each other’s sensitivities and vulnerabilities. Worse, you know, but you do not pay attention. If you are at a level where things are ‘broken and shed’, if one side is laughing and teasing, the other side is glum or angry … This is a behavior that will take courage to repeat.

Crossing borders

Does he open a message to your mobile phone without asking you? Or does it interfere with the way you communicate with your friends? There is a partner who tells me to forget that you are an individual. Crossing borders is the biggest respect problem of the relationship. Let him say that he loves you as much as he wants or is jealous. What does it matter? Man/woman respects the life of the person he/she loves. There is no explanation for disrespect. There may be only one explanation for disrespect, “I read your messages because I am disrespectful”

Not to raise money

You both came from families of different income distribution. So, the way you spend money is not the same. If you are going to divide expenditures, but a single person will pay, you should talk about them. In the other room, there is always an elephant that everyone sees but does not speak of. Feel free to talk money.

To blame the other party

In the face of a problem, it is important to understand each other’s feelings and thoughts instead of looking for right or wrong. The relationship is for two people, and blaming only one side, putting the problem on the other party is another communication error. Continuously speaking about past events will not take you forward, on the contrary, it can put problems in the relationship into a vicious circle. Leaving past problems together with past communication is the healthiest for the relationship.

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