Youtuber smashed the iPhone SE, revealing the interesting truth (is it compatible with Google Fi?)

Is iPhone SE compatible with Google Fi?

Is iPhone SE compatible with Google Fi?

Apple’s new affordable iPhone model, iPhone SE, was shattered by a YouTube channel. The channel also revealed similarities between iPhone SE and iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 has been much talked about by its similarity with the iPhone 8. Because the iPhone SE 2020 had almost the same design as the iPhone 8. What set it apart from the iPhone 8 was its hardware and the Apple logo, which was taken a little further down. Apart from that, we could not get any information about other similarities of iPhone SE 2020. Because Apple offered us very limited information. This situation ended with the first deliveries reaching the users. Those who received the iPhone SE 2020 immediately began to pass their phones through various testing processes. Even a YouTuber did not hesitate to smash the iPhone SE 2020. Of course, he did this for our sake.

Youtuber smashes iPhone SE

A Chinese YouTuber cut the iPhone SE into its pieces. YouTuber first removed the iPhone SE’s SIM slot, then unscrewed the iPhone SE and opened the inside of the phone. The Chinese name, which gave a brief hello look inside the iPhone SE, then started to compare the interior of the iPhone 8 with the iPhone SE 2020. The truth we are talking about came out right here.

Same as iPhone 8

When we look at the comparison of the Chinese YouTuber, it is striking that the placements of the components of the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2020 are the same. Realizing this fact, YouTuber decides to try something interesting; It is also to swap components of both phones!

YouTuber is surprisingly successful in this experience. Because the iPhone 8’s iPhone SE 2020’s vibration engine, display, and Touch ID work smoothly. However, when it comes to camera, the result is negative. Because the camera of the iPhone 8 and the camera of the iPhone SE 2020 are not the same. This causes the phones to fail.

Not only outside but also inside

Youtuber smashed the iPhone SE 2020, revealing the interesting truth

The smooth operation of most parts in the hardware swap of the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2020 shows that the iPhone SE 2020 is similar not only in terms of design but also on the hardware side. Apple iPhone SE 64GB price $ 399.

Google Fi and iPhone SE

Google Fi (previously known as Project Fi) is a mobile virtual network operator developed by Google. After paying the service fee, the subscribers can automatically switch between mobile phone operators depending on the signal strength and speed, whichever operator is better in the region. Although it is connected to base stations belonging to different operators, the subscriber does not notice it, it appears connected to the Google Fi network. It only works on compatible phones. Google Fi can work compatible with iPhone SE. But for now, it’s in beta. So what does this mean? When you use iPhone SE with Google Fi, you will not be able to use some features.