Window turning into a balcony: Bloomframe

Bloomframe Window turning into a balcony

The idea of a window that turns into a balcony first appears in the Netherlands. Providing both flexibility and a comfortable living space for homeowners, the product was first designed by Hofman Dujardin in an Amsterdam based architecture studio. It was also produced by Kawneer France. The balcony that opens in 60 seconds displays an image that is fully compatible with the windows on other floors when closed. Monolithic shatterproof glass panels are used in its construction. For this reason, despite this practical use, it has an incredible aesthetic appearance.

The window, which turns into a balcony that opens and closes from the inside with a touch or a physical key according to the customer’s request, also includes a system that can compensate for power cuts as electricity goes out and a security problem arises. It has already been decided to be used in many skyscraper-like buildings planned to be built in Australia. Don’t you think it is ingenious to turn the balcony-free house into a balcony house?