Tactics that can work for you in PUBG Mobile

Tactics that can work for you in PUBG Mobile

Video game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, in abbreviation, is popular on desktop as well as on mobile phones. On mobile, the control event is a bit more difficult than on the desktop, but with a few small tips it is possible to overcome this issue. PUBG Mobile is one of the best battle royale games mobile.

If I do not have an online friend, we will add random players who play with him and keep the frequency. Investing for the next games. I do not use a microphone, and it is possible to communicate very well with ready written messages. You can edit these messages in the settings according to your needs.

I have a different style of play than standard players. Something between the single and the duo. In the game that we started as Duo, we continue to unite and help in the first phase, depending on our head and close to the narrowing of the circle for the second or third time. Like uber, one of us is taking the other or marking a house in the middle and meeting there.

The gamechanger of this game is absolutely silencer. It’s not a fire-hiding thing, it’s a direct silencer. Whether you use it in a light machine or you use it in an automatic weapon, you get a great advantage with the addition of 4x binoculars. It is very easy to download what passes from a beautiful, secret and calm spot. Unlike the computer, they can see the point fired in this game, and when they are under fire with a silencer gun, they run left and right until they realize where the fire came from.

Driving a car or an engine is nothing but shouting “I am coming”. It is more efficient to use only in cases where the safe is not reached by running out of the circle.

When jumping off the plane, try to stay away from the places that have a name. There are areas with an unknown name, remaining on intercity roads and with plenty of buildings. The density is less here. The only thing I intend when starting the game is to deal with few people and go to a point where the whole loot will be left to myself; even off course.

There are clothes that are colorful, like a circus costume. Camouflage is very important. You should wear black and earthy clothing as much as possible. Even if it stops without moving, there are elements that I have noticed and lowered just because of the clothes, maybe someone is you.

The pan is important. It has an ass protective feature, you know. At the end of the game, your bullet will run out and you will not have a second weapon, but you will use it like that; its probability of being close to zero.

On the ground, you found a more efficient weapon than you have. Good, good. You left it in your hand and picked it up, okay to it. But do you leave the bullet of the gun you left with the gun? go the bullet, throw it away, or throw it away in an unrelated place. Otherwise, those bullets can come and find you later in the game. This is the survival game, the details are important.

The undamaged level 2 helmet / vest you found on the ground is worth more than the half damaged level 3 helmet / vest you carry on it.

If you need to cross the bridge due to the playground; Do not go. There are many people with bridge fetish. There are those who set up their game plan just to bridge the bridges and get down to a beautiful place. These friends who have a sharper view than the bridge toll cameras in the Bosphorus have now memorized the bridges. Where do they come from, where do they get on foot, they all know. Go swimming across the bridge as far away as possible.

If your randomly matched teammate is push-to-do, that is, if you are at the bottom when you fall to the ground and do not help you, report directly or something. Among the report options, there is an option such as “not responding to the team call”, I do not remember exactly, but it turns out to be the meaning. For this reason, if a 40-50 person reports, his account is asked.

You don’t have to shoot everyone you see. Ambushing and killing someone who does not see you is yes, but it is risky as it can take a position and respond. Sometimes it is best to not show your place. Most of the time, I leave the passers away, we will meet when the circle narrows. Keep in mind; not the one who kills the game the most, but the last survivor wins.

Most people don’t use it, but smoke bombs are extremely useful. If I am stuck under a fire behind a stone or tree, I throw 2 towards the point of view of the element, I am lost like Batman. Especially in the last 10, this tactic works. The flash grenade also works when raiding the element inside a building. I ate the flash, I know from there.

The grenade is also used to ensure that the element hiding behind a tree or rock runs away, rather than killing it. Shake it, see one next to it, wondering where it will escape. You can also try these tactics games like PUBG Mobile.

The maximum speed you can reach while descending from the plane is 63 km/h after opening 234 km/h without opening the parachute.

Do not open your parachute. So do not open it yourself, it opens automatically at the minimum level. You open it yourself and land very late.

For the fastest landing, keep the arrow key in the continuously forward position, descend down like a bullet.

If you want to descend in the second when the parachute is opened, you have 100 meters horizontally between you and when you root the direction button forward, you land at that place.

If the place you want to land is right under you when you open the parachute, make a right turn forward or left-forward by turning the direction key to turn around.

In general, be sure to keep driving at maximum speeds when landing on the ground. To do this, you need to go right below where you jumped from the plane. So you have to get down somewhere on the route the plane goes. If you think that many people can land in that area, you will have the advantage since you will land first.

After landing;

If a fire comes from a place you don’t see, one of your eyes will be on the map immediately in the direction of the sound, this is already written over and over again, what I’m doing in addition, I don’t go to a lying position as soon as I shoot. I try to find a person who gains fire for a few seconds by reducing my visibility in this way especially in rough or grazing areas. Sometimes the person who shoots thinks I’m running “knocked out” and runs like me, and killing him is a piece of cake.

Your friend’s gunfire does not appear on the map. If you hear a gunshot nearby, if there is no orange mark on the map, your friend has fired.

If a military jeep is coming towards you in an open area, switch to a completely lying position (and scan the vehicle). In this way, the vehicle has passed over me without hitting me. Also, do not try to escape by running, as you will be knock out with one hit.

You are not affected by air strikes inside the building.

Autopick does not automatically pick up grenades even when it is turned on. Get them yourself. After a few attempts, you can more or less estimate the distance, the bomb is the best solution if the opponent is hiding behind the wall.

Everyone has at least one sniper in their hands. You know from your voice, if you are shooting with a sniper, running with a zigzag instead of leaning and hiding is often more useful. On the phone, it is very difficult to aim and shoot someone running. But of course there is nothing to do if he uses bluestacks.

Try to find a close range gun a long range. If the long distance is at least 4x, the 8x zoom gives you a great advantage at a point dominating its surroundings. Do not forget that you install these lenses from your backpack yourself. Also, if you find the muffler, do not underestimate it, add it.

Let your eyes be in the icons on the top right map when your eyes are constantly fired and there is a walking sound. So who does not go to the shot, you can determine the position of the shooter and kick it in his mouth.

Try to find at least a 2nd level helmet, jacket and backpack. When your helmet or jacket is badly damaged, be sure to change it even if it is a lower level.

When the white circle starts to narrow, if you are not playing solo, definitely, but never drive, your risk of being seen and heard will be quite high. You won’t melt on foot.

As far as possible, enter the terraces, window sills that dominate and wait until you are bent until someone makes a mistake of self-disclosure. The rest is child’s play.

There may be those who do not know; when you kill someone without squeezing them in the head, you actually knock over them (it says x knocked out y on the screen, too) they can try to escape by crawling, save them from their torment.

Do not hurry looted players who are in a sheltered position and have enough ammunition. Why does that chest shine with phosphor? When the green light goes out, you can look around and look around. Likewise, items thrown from the plane serve as a trap for wolf players, stay away until the smoke is gone.

Over 50 potential enemies waiting to squeeze your parachutes in the air and squeeze your hoes, “I’m here and I don’t have a brain.” do not check in. Why would you do it?

Keep painkillers and energy drinks to the ends, if necessary, overlap.

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