Recommendations for those who want to enjoy more from Rocket League game

Recommendations for those who want to enjoy more from Rocket League game

Adjust camera angles

Rocket League is a football game with cars coming out of the hands of a company originating from Psyonix. The game is a very fun game. When it comes to the place, you become four corners of pleasure, from excitement to the peak of adrenaline, the place is coming from the nerve to make the game silent, but it is a fun and addictive game that you want to play and rebuild and play in a few days.

Most of the players who play the game can have a lot of trouble especially about the camera. Camera settings will work for friends who miss some key points and get hurt about the camera because they cannot predict exactly where the balls from the hill will fall or cannot see the screen from a wider angle.

– Camera viewing distance: 100.00

– Camera height: 100.00

– Camera angle: -5.00

– Camera distance: 250.00

– Camera rotation speed: 2.30

The ball camera indicator and Change rotating angle boxes will be checked. In this way, you will see that you are playing more comfortably, and your performance has increased a little.

Boost Jump matter

It is a game where boost jump is very important twice in a row.

At first, when I was playing, I saw that most of the people except me hit the ball faster and his car moves forward. Although I could not grasp that move forward even though I tried all the keys, the coin later fell.

As you approach the ball, you make the first boost jump to cut your car’s wheels off the ground. Beginning from this point on, the beginners usually make the second boost jump, giving the ball height. However, if you want to shoot forward quickly, first you must push the left analog forward and do the second boost jump to make the car’s nose perpendicular to the ground. This time, if you push the left analog in the direction of the ball and do the second boost jump, you will start to enjoy much more. Rocket League price is not very expensive if you buy it via Steam.

Trade exchange

It is a game that I have removed 9 keys from scratch in 6 days. If I knew you earned more than CSGO, I would play this game. Now let me give you some tactics to friends who want to trade cheaply and properly. Rocket League deals can sometimes be very challenging.

First, the trade event has no effect on playing. Just the view. That’s why most people bargain when trading. The key thing to do when negotiating is key. Prices are determined by key. You have a lot of crates because melting the crates sometimes causes problems. For example, I issued the victory crate, which was released in the past weeks, 4 on the same day and sold it to 2 pots. On the same day, it reached a price of 3: 1 or 4: 1.

The important thing here is to follow traditions such as stock market tracking. There are two sites that I use for this. The first one is a site that publishes trade requests opened on steam, discord and various trade sites in seconds. The second one is a site where you can find out how much your products’ prices are according to traditions.

Our first site is the trade exchange. Here, it shows the traditions that came out in the last 12 hours when you search for the items you will sell or buy. Our second site is the estimated price site. Here, too, you can see whether it is key by collecting items with a simple logic.

With a simple logic, you can sell it to 3 and get it back to 2 to make a profit. I recommend you pay attention to the comments under the profile, as you make traditions with everyone around the world. Also, if you’re doing an important trade, record it on the video. Now that you’ve learned the highlights, you’re ready for the C9 Rocket League.