Should we tape the laptop webcam?

Should we tape the laptop webcam

It is mentioned that people taping the laptop camera are paranoid, but people who know a little about it know very well that it is not paranoid, but security.

The emergence of this problem corresponds to the 2011 period

Thanks to a flash exploit found at that time, you could instantly open the cameras of users who visited your website. When I said something like this, it was closed. The same vulnerabilities exist on the Java platform. Dozens of methods are still available that operate cameras via web browsers.

If you don’t believe it, ask why people browsing the deep web turn off Java when visiting sites. All of the people working on Tor try to stay “Java disabled” because of these webcam vulnerabilities and similar security tricks. There is nothing you can do software to get rid of these things, if you want to install $99999 monthly anti-virus software, it won’t work. There is a system that constantly updates itself, anti-virus software cannot catch any pest that is not introduced to them.

To get rid of these jobs, you need to have full control of the hardware and operating system you have, and be conscious in every step you take. If you can’t do this, it’s not as natural as attaching tape to the camera.

Now it’s a story from years ago. A woman in the healthcare industry had a strangeness that I noticed on her computer. We checked that someone working in the IT department of the company installed a simple “remote admin” on the computers of all female employees and was watching the women 24/7. He could see their live webcam footage at any time. There was no such thing on the computer of male employees. There are hundreds of examples like this. You do not know that the laptop you are working with every day is programmed to watch you by someone. So there is no movement as accurate as attaching tape there.

Mark Zuckerberg’s tapes on his laptop webcam have been on the agenda in recent years.

Mark Zuckerberg tapes on his laptop webcam

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