Netflix’s new number 1: Too Hot to Handle

The new Netflix program, Too Hot to Handle, peaking from the first day it was added (1)

Meeting with the audience on April 17, 2020, Too Hot to Handle consists of 8 episodes and covers a 4-week period. The narrator of the program is Desiree Burch. We also have an artificial intelligence called Lana, which communicates with competitors and acts as a presenter. The program is a candidate to enter the top Netflix series list.

We are in a very nice mansion from a paradise, on a tropical beach, surrounded by cameras all around. We have 10 competitors, of which 5 are women and 5 are men, and our grand prize is $ 100,000. The fact that they are sexually overly active, unable to connect, have social skills, look good and sexy in their normal lives, are common features of our competitors.

10 of our competitors are placed in the mansion by the production in the first place without much information. They are aware that they are participating in some kind of dating program, but they are unaware of the main rules of the competition and what the prize is. During the first 12 hours, unaware of the situation, they start to strain each other like a person who has come across an open buffet, take a nap and flirt. Then it ends 12 hours, Lana suddenly calls out to them and begins to explain the rules.

Contestants have only one thing to do to win the big prize of $ 100,000: to stay away from all kinds of sexual activities for 4 weeks. All kinds of sex is forbidden! It is forbidden to eat! Kissing is forbidden! Even masturbation is forbidden! If the contestants pierce the bans, each time a certain amount will decrease from the grand prize. The amount to be cut will vary depending on the size of the ban. The biggest cuts / penalties will of course be in case of sex. If our competitors cannot control them, after 4 weeks, there may be no money left in the award piggy bank. Of course, the forbidden is sweeter and there are more important things in life than money.

Let me also mention that the duration of the episodes ranged between 37-44 minutes and all the competitors slept in adjacent beds in the same room. By the way, we do not know how many people can win the competition.

Let’s come to our 10 competitors. Let’s get to know them briefly.

Chloe: She is participating in the competition from England. An enthusiastic type. She’s not a smart girl, but she’s well aware of this feature. (A little like Madeline Zima.)

Sharron: Participating in the contest from New Jersey. His mouth speaks well and his confidence is very high.

Haley: Coming from Florida. A university student and a fellowship. She seems to be a candidate to fill out stupid blond and bisexual quotas.

David: Participating in the competition from England. He describes herself as a gentleman and I can say that he has an English smug on him. He doesn’t seem to be very talented about flirting. In their own words “I do not have special sentences or a strategy. I enter the bar and take off my shirt. Girls come to me too.” He has a simplicity.

Harry: He comes from Australia. He has a childish enthusiasm and sweetness. (He was the winner of a similar program called Heartbreak Island in New Zealand in 2018, by the way.)

Francesca: She is participating in the competition from Canada. She is aware that he is a complete disaster, and this is reflected in her attitude and behavior in a pleasant way. “If a man is hot and I want him, I will knock my hair lightly and make eye contact. The game is over.” she says with a confident attitude about herself. Instagram phenomenon.

Matthew: Coming from Colorado. A hippie-looking type.

Rhonda: She is participating in the contest from Georgia. She is aware that she is sexy and is also very happy with the reflections of this. She’s pretty comfortable and seductive in general. She says she loves men with tattoos. She also says that the ideal man should have a good job and she likes to be pampered.

Nicole: Coming from Ireland. A Catholic girl says that she studied at high school in the past. The men he went out with said they were in love with her at the 3rd appointment.

Kelz: He comes from England. He likens himself to the lion of the jungle and says The Lion King is his favorite movie. He describes himself as an alpha male and says he doesn’t like to compete. Instead of approaching the girl, he prefers that the girls come to him.