40-hour Planet Earth II video from the BBC

40-hour Planet Earth II video from the BBC

If you like stunning videos showing the windswept majesty and enchanting beauty of this little rocky planet, we call “The earth”, we have some great news for you.

The BBC’s 40-hour bonus image recorded during the production of the award-winning Planet Earth II documentary series is waiting to be watched on YouTube. And it’s free. Isn’t a little forest and sea air good for those days when you can’t leave the house?

Documentaries used to have to leave parts not used in the last movie in the assembly room; but thanks to the giant video platforms, all of the amazing tracks that cannot be fit into the broadcast package can be preserved.

In this way, the BBC; The Planet Earth II sections, which lasted a full day and a half, were prepared in 4 sections, each lasting 10 hours.

Each of these long and adventurous journeys outdoors takes on a different subject.

These videos form part of what the channel calls the Real Happiness Project. The project is based on a study conducted by the BBC in partnership with Berkeley University in the past years. The study found that people watching nature documentaries can actually be happier.

Here is the earth atmosphere from where you sit.

Source: popsci.com.tr