Detailed review of Ozzy Osbourne’s album Ordinary Man

Detailed review of Ozzy Osbourne's album Ordinary Man

Osbourne, who turned 70, has no intention of stopping. Here is the story, development and song review of his last album.

Ozzy Osbourne released his new album Ordinary Man, following the 2010 Scream, after his father put a few songs on the internet and reached the expectations. So, what did he do in the meantime? Black Sabbath closed his notebook, went on tour again with Zakk Wylde years later, made a duet with Post Malone and sat at number one on the billboard lists after 30 years. So, he lived a full decade. But these 10 years was not pink. Unfortunately, he spent the last year struggling with diseases. He gave a break to his concerts because of the severe flu and then the discomfort he caused as a result of falling. He announced that he had parkinson at the beginning of this year. The tour of the new album was postponed recently. So, let’s be clear: Ordinary Man is likely to be Ozzy’s last album. Some of the words are written in a farewell mind. I hope I’m wrong, of course. But we must be thankful for every day a man like Ozzy lived after the 80s.

Straight to Hell

The album opens with the second single Straight to Hell. There is a choir at the beginning of the song that they sing a melody inside the song. Of course, a depiction of heaven was made with this choir, but soon the gates of heaven are closing and a fall to hell begins. This drop is accompanied by Watt’s electric guitar and Mckagan’s excited bass guitar. Of course, it’s also exciting to hear Osbourne’s famous exclamations (alright now, come on now). We can call it a rock song with an industrial atmosphere. It’s a bit noisy when it comes to guitar effects, choral effects, added back vocals, and more crowded than it should be. Slash, one of Osbourne’s friends, added a classic Slash solo to the end of this song. The lyrics are also a classic Ozzy Osbourne song. Something is said to take you under your influence and destroy you. Although it probably talks about drugs, it can also be anything to chase down and disband our lives. The smiles at the end of each continent and the part of “I’ll make you scream, I’ll make you defecate” run a little funny. Fortunately, there has always been some funny or chirping in Osbourne’s image.

All My Life

All My Life is a song that has reached Ozzy Osbourne standards, is not surprising, but is very tight, very enjoyable to listen to. There are breezes from Osbourne’s classic ballads on the song continents. While the emotional atmosphere is created with the touch of guitar and light keyboard on the first continent, we hear that the drums and press make very pleasant additions in the second. In the refrain, Watt gets the reed in his hand again. He blew two very solid solos. It is remarkable that Osbourne’s words are very personal. We see that a man who faces his past looks more hopeful to the future. This is because the slow parts of the song represent the regrets it sees when it looks into its past, while its hard parts may represent the future where it walks confidently.


Goodbye begins with sending an Iron Man. We can even say that the smile here is a salute to Crazy Train. Here, “do you have any memories?” We can say that it is an “inside joke”. The rest of the song has nothing to do with these references. This is a more pessimistic song than the previous one. “I have now filled my due, goodbye,” says Osbourne. Sad. But the main melody of the song is very good. Musically, the darkness of the song was successfully reflected. Especially when there are tabs in Chad Smith’s drum rhythm in the chorus, the ear accustomed to straight rhythms is paralyzed at once. The guitar that Watt plays gives a similar discomfort. However, when we come to the bridge part of the song, all the dark and heavy modes change suddenly, a very fast episode begins for the Osbourne standard. In this episode, an effect that gives the song a serious industrial atmosphere has been added to the rhythm guitar. This effect disappears in the solo but there is no decrease in the quality of the solo. Although it is necessary to say that the song that goes between these two different parts looks a little broken, even the energy in the fast part is a necessary reason to listen to the song. By the way, we said the song starts with an inside joke, and it ends. “Is it teatime? Is tea served in paradise?” Like an impromptu outlet, even laughing behind is heard. This shows that Osbourne can make fun of death and goodbye.

Ordinary Man (feat. Elton John)

When Elton John was on stage with Eminem, I thought, “I suppose it couldn’t have been a more absurd duo,” Elton John was a man who also performed with Axl Rose. But I wouldn’t have thought that John and Osbourne could come together (by the way, it came to my mind that Ozzy Osbourne and Kim Basinger were singing together as a “was (not was)” song). When Osbourne wrote the song, John came to mind but was afraid to call. “What about a hungry phone, he will refuse the most,” said Sharon Osbourne. John gladly accepted it. It is clear why the song went to John because we listen to a complete rock ballad. There is an epicycled order with pianos and violins played by John and Watt that Slash, who caught such an environment, also exploded another solo. In the words, Osbourne again created a feeling of farewell, but preferred to thank his fans for everything, rather than a dramatic separation. Ozzy also gives an explanation for the madness he has done throughout his career in the song and says: “the truth is that I don’t want to die as an ordinary man”. Elton John’s vocal performance is really good. These rock’n’roll lyrics are also suitable for his life. I wish he had more space. I admit that it has a “cheesy” mood for someone who does not know Osbourne or John. But I found what I was looking for in the duo’s collaboration.

Under the Graveyard

One of the most beautiful guitar tunes of Osbourne discography is in Under the Graveyard, released as the first single of the album. Aside from the guitar, I think the song itself is very nice. As in “All My Life”, slow places are followed by harder rhymes. Again, we hear the guitars with a light industrial air. Only this time the guitar solo remained weak. Even though it is tried to get high points from the technique with tapping sections, it is soulless. When we look at the words, there is a death theme as in the whole album. Again, we listen to the health problems suffered by Osbourne, he is screaming for help, but he is walking towards death. After all, it clearly explains that we will all die and go away. If we do not count the part I mentioned above, it is generally like a fist.

Eat Me

One of the songs of the album that I will say “not bad” is “Eat Me”. Oddly enough, it has one of the best riffs of the album. It’s nice to hear this from Mckagan’s bass guitar at the beginning of the song. A rif that can sit on guns n’roses when you think about it. But other than that, there is nothing very interesting in the song. Of course, Ozzy Osbourne’s harmonica is a nice detail. But his vocal sounds strange. I didn’t feel it in other songs. Strange. There are not many tricks in his words. But it’s not bad enough to bother.

Today Is The End

Today Is the End seems to me a bit like “elephants.” In general, they managed to create a dark atmosphere. In fact, for some reason, soundgarden always came to my mind because of the sound it offers. The refrain is a little more pop or simple despite the darkness in the words. For this reason, I cannot get an Ozzy Osbourne air in general. There is also the effect of using too many back vocals in the song. It’s as if Osbourne joined another group as a guest artist. Even though the song speeds up and changes mood, it does not reach a very high level.

Scary Little Green Men

One of the undisputed best songs of the album for me is “Scary Little Green Men”. It must be said that there is not a lot of attraction at the entrance of the song. A little bass and drums are sprinkled on a guitar with plenty of effects and keyboard, and Ozzy sings the song on it normally. But the song takes flight with Osbourne, who started singing “they want us” on top of Chad Smith’s immaculate drumbeat. Previously, Smith’s drumming is one of the most energetic beats we’ve heard in Osbourne songs. Even in the second replay, Mckagan is thrilling this beat with his super bass guitar performance. The refrain is also strange gas. It has been one of Osbourne’s most energetic and fun refrain. I can’t stop without nodding. Post-chorus effects and sound collage that come in later are also very gas-generating. In this episode, they got support from Tom Morello’s guitar. He is not in the foreground, but he fits the mood of the song. In the keyboards and editing of the song, another pop name is Happy Perez, who also contributed to the song “Under the Graveyard”. Perhaps the reason for the energy in this song is that Happy Perez took over the song. Likewise, the song is actually a work that can reach everyone, not just metalists. A teaser from Jason Momoa was filmed. Obviously, a clip will come. It is a good opportunity for the song to reach even more people.

Holy For Tonight

Osbourne is saying goodbye to the end of the album with “Holy for Tonight”. When we look at it musically, it is a more Elton John song compared to the “Ordinary Man” song because we recorded a ballad instead of a metal / rock ballad. Especially the chorus part is pretty pop with back vocals. It’s not just pop, it’s also in the song. We can hear slide guitar in the background, especially the lines of “I’ll be holy for tonight”. Then strings are added to the song. Even in previous songs, the most prominent female vocals are in this song. All of this can be said to be very different touches for Osbourne. I must repeat what I said before. Some people may find these arrangements cheesy and I can understand that. However, it suits Osbourne. The production success of Andrew Watt, who added a super guitar solo to the song that accomplished this, and Wil Malone, who made orchestral arrangements for many rock bands in the 70s. Of course, not without mentioning the words, because the sadness of the song comes not only from its music but also from its lyrics. Osbourne faces god as he comes to the end of his life in this song. He says that neither time nor friends now remain. Then he questions what the death feels like. A complete album closing song, the song ends so gloriously, but two more songs in the album, as well as songs that create some controversy.

It’s A Raid (feat. Post Malone)

We are closing the album with one (also in some versions two) post Malone song. Osbourne’s duet with a “trapper” was criticized. But we must think that Malone is a guy who listens to the pantera and plays the guitar. The first of these songs is It’s A Raid. The only guest of the song is not Malone, but Tom Morello appears in this song again. It’s a very chaotic song. Like the “scary little green men”, Morello adds to the confusion with his solo. This mess is compatible with the subject of the song. The song tells the feelings of two cronies fleeing from the police. A humorous aspect is strong. For example, it is funny that Post Malone stopped and said “fuck” in an instant while he was going to finish the continent. Finally, the police are raiding these friends. But it’s a wonderfully loud song. There is a punk aspect that Mckagan has been a corner of pleasure when playing this song. But it’s a very crowded song. This is especially evident in vocals. It is not known whether Ozzy’s voice was not enough, but his voice was fed back into his back vocals. It has almost become unrecognizable. Post Malone is a man who always adds effects to his voice. It’s a tiring work. While listening to the album, sometimes I had the mood to accompany this crazy fashion, I liked it very much. Sometimes I was not in a situation that would make a lot of noise, I did not enjoy it. You make your own decision now.

Take What You Want (feat. Post Malone & Travis Scott)

Actually, the album ends here, but many versions have been added to Take What You Want, which Osbourne recorded with Travis Scott for post Malone. I think it was good. Of course, this song is a work that we are familiar with before the release of the album. It even made Ozzy go back to the top ten on the billboard charts again after years. Osbourne had previously achieved this with a duet (Close My Eyes Forever with Lita Ford) that he recorded for another artist in 1988. Although some traditional metalists are nervous, I think it’s a very good song. It is hard to call the song directly. Andrew Watt signed the song with his guitar, including a guitar solo. Osbourne’s performance that opens the song shows that the years have taken nothing from Osbourne’s vocal. Thanks to a simple arrangement, his voice came before the extra. The melody of the song is also very catchy. Post Malone performs much better than “it’s a trap” in this song. rock-smelling vocals are intact. The auto-tune episode of Travis Scott, the most hip-hop spot of the song. It must be the weakest place here, but it doesn’t take long. All in all, a beautiful song. It also caused the release of a new Ozzy album. What more could it be if it causes a few youngsters to turn to guitar or listen to Osbourne or Black Sabbath albums.