6 things that will happen to your skin if you sleep without cleaning your makeup

6 things that will happen to your skin if you sleep without cleaning your makeup

Especially in the evening of busy days, we want to put ourselves in bed as soon as we come home. But we also usually make up on busy days. If you are doing so, you probably have no idea what happens on your skin when you sleep with makeup. But if you knew what happened when you went to bed without cleaning your makeup, you would never sleep. Since lunch, let’s learn. Here are 6 things that can happen to your skin if you don’t clean your makeup!

Pores are clogged

Another name for sleeping with makeup may be ‘pore murder’. The pores are clogged because almost all makeup ingredients contain silicone. When pores are clogged, your skin turns into a rugged field.

Acne occurs

Your skin works non-stop, just as your heart doesn’t stop beating. Just like an internal organ. Skin: It consists of water, protein, lipids, minerals and other chemicals and pores. These pores expel sweat and oil. If your pores are clogged, sweat and oils will be trapped inside and cause acne.

Skin cells are damaged

Make-up traps environmental impurities, which damages skin cells. You cannot expect it to continue producing collagen from damaged skin cells. You may be having love with your under-eye concealer, but that doesn’t mean you can sleep with it.

Regeneration is prevented

The skin, even the entire human body, renews itself overnight. However, the skin that cannot breathe cannot renew itself. Therefore, when we sleep with make-up, our skin may be dry or very oily, or it may be excessive pimple. Skin that cannot breathe and renew itself reacts to this.

Premature aging

The pores that remain clogged during the night cause the skin to lose its elasticity, sagging and streaking. Even if you’re at an early age, you may look much older than you are.

Skin gets heavier

Sleeping with makeup makes the skin tired and heavy. You will feel very heavy, dirty, greasy on the morning of the day you sleep with makeup.

With Sephora clean makeup products, you can easily clean your makeup. Also, don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes. You can find at home brush cleaner materials everywhere. You probably have it at home.

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