PC games that you can play on quarantine days when you close home

best pc games

One of the most beautiful activities that can be done nowadays is that the new type of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is increasingly capturing the world and staying at home.

Dishonored Death of the Outsider
A stealthy / action game with very original mechanics, played with a first-person viewpoint. Steampunk also has an interesting open world with art management. You have a number of superpowers, and as time goes on you try to improve them and complete tasks in different ways. If you haven’t, I don’t think that there will be people who love to play on the world but will not enjoy this game. There is also a second game. My advice, start from the first game to dominate the story. Technically, there is no shortage compared to the second.

The Forest
It is one of the survival games that you can enjoy, especially if you play with your friends as a multiplayer. Construction mechanics etc. If you love it, it is useful to take a look. Playing with friends makes the game 3-5 times enjoyable. This game does not like everyone, it appeals to the audience who are a little more patient and enjoy their mechanics.

Portal 1-2
If the ball point of puzzle games is up to me. I don’t think a better example can be made. Doesn’t a game have any shortcomings? While the first game can be played for one player, the second game also has a co-op mode and is highly functional. The masterpiece is absolutely. Portal 2 Smash TV will make your job very easy if you have difficulty with the puzzles in the game.

Quantum Break
A delightful tps game with interesting mechanics. It’s an interesting experiment with a movie-like script and “really” movie-like intermediate scenes (showing really half an hour of episodes between episodes). Although it repeats itself in terms of game mechanics, it takes you into a pleasant story. Most of the negative comments are from the early stages of the game. Because his debut was technically a bit of a problem. With the corrections made over time, it now plays completely smoothly.

It is a puzzle game that I can tell you that poems like its name turn into a visual. One of the games that matches the “classy” game term. The puzzle mechanics we know mechanics in general. Its story contains psychological analyzes that are deeper than you expected. When you finish you say oha. Let’s stop here to avoid giving more spoilers.

First of all, there is a general misconception on this game, let me explain it. Because I did not play for this reason for a long time. This game is not a “horror” game. Soma was one of the best games I’ve played in recent years. It is a game that has reached the limits as much as a game can be interesting and exciting, without the slightest action mechanics. Definitely another masterpiece from the beginning to the end, from the script to the mechanics, from the graphics to the atmosphere. Literally the equivalent of the underrated concept.

Spec Ops: The Line
It is a very original game in terms of its story. Even though the mechanics did not receive such a big applause, it is one of the games that received a positive rating with its script and operation. When you finish the game, there are games that make you feel like you have finished a successful movie. Not everyone likes the mechanics, but take a look and start if you like it. After 1 hour, you will already want to play to finish the story.

To The Moon
If I say the starting example of the visual novel genre, it would be a shame, but it may be the best example. It is not a game with an incredibly full story content of 4-5 hours, but an emotional experience that is activated by your control. Even if one of you is sitting with your partner and one of you is watching, you will have a pleasant time. If possible, complete the game in one sitting or in 2 sitting without worrying a lot of time. When you have finished, you can ask yourself “Is the game an art branch” again.

If you like platform games and you want to play this with fps view angle, this game is for you. It is a successful 5-hour fps platform game with very good game mechanics, and the script is equally interesting. Each episode never repeats itself with new mechanics coming. It throws you to the end of the game without boring in any way. One night will pass perfectly.

Ori and the Blind Forest
If you are longing for old arcade games and you think what would be the modern interpretation of it, this game is for you. This is probably the best side view platform game I have ever played with incredible creative mechanics. In short, if you still haven’t seen it, take a look, start playing if you have a little play.

Tomb Raider series
I can say that it is the computer equivalent of the uncharted series on Playstation, for a person who does not know at all. You can go there starting from the beginning of the last 3-series and get bored in which game. A game like a movie. The mechanics are just as successful.

Overcooked 1-2
It should be played with the family, the legend is the type of co-op game I can not name. Even a person who doesn’t understand the game the most can adapt to this game in just half an hour. You can play in an enjoyable way. You can meet and play together with your spouse and your child. It can be played up to 4 people. While there was no option to play multiplayer on the internet in the first game, this feature came in the second game. So if you are not playing local multiplayer, you should get the second game. A complete coach game. Games like Overcooked may also make you like to cook. Especially in these quarantine days, it benefits our business very much.

Cities Skylines
If you are familiar with the Simcity series, it is a version of all its shortcomings that have been made sterile and playable. The best of city building simulation games.

Motorsport Manager
It appeals to a slightly more niche audience, but if you are a person following f1 and upset that the season does not start, take a look. Formula 1 is a f1 manager game where you build and manage the team. Formula version of Fm in short.

Two Point Hospital
Hospital management game. We wish you to get through the times without falling to the hospital.

Prison Architect
An interesting game with strange graphics, where we build and manage a prison. I buried a lot of time in this game.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
If you are interested in a game in a large village, where we try to dig deep into a strange story, without any direction, welcome. It is a really original game that is mind blowing, diving into the landscape.

Inside and Limbo
I got them both like a game. Both are successful puzzle platform games. When it comes to storytelling, the games go up to the masterpiece level. I don’t think he has anything to do with the game, but don’t even think if he’s left.

This War of Mine
Another work of art that describes the war with a commentary on civilians. A mechanically complete resource management and survival game. I can say that he did this job very well.

Bioshock Infinite
This is one of the games that offers us a completely different world with a very nice storytelling added on top of the classic fps game. It is a good choice if you say let me go and shoot a nice story. In addition, the most creative and real npc accompany you in this game.

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