Selling on Google Shopping will be free

Selling on Google Shopping will be free

Google has announced that retailers can list their products for free through Google Shopping, the sales platform.

Many of the businesses closed their stores due to COVID-19. According to the US census bureau data, there was a 50 percent drop in clothing and jewelry purchases. Sellers can only earn income through online sales. Consumers started to do not only their compulsory needs but also their arbitrary shopping over the internet. As in our country, e-commerce sales are increasing worldwide. Although sellers try to connect with customers who shop from them, they cannot achieve this on a large scale.

Even those who do not advertise on Google will be able to list their products

Considering this situation of retailers, Google is making some changes in Google Shopping in order to compete with its competitors and to help sellers and customers. With the new arrangement, selling on the Google Shopping platform is made free. This way, a seller will be able to list their products for free, even if they do not advertise on Google. This way, retailers and small businesses will be able to show their products to millions of people who go to Google every day for free.

Google Shopping has been around for 20 years as an integrated part of the company. The platform competes with companies of a similar concept that sell, such as Amazon. This change was made to be one step ahead of the competition, while considering the COVID-19 time-varying shopping preferences.

Support for Internet sales to small businesses from Google

While people who previously sold on a website had to pay for ad placement on Google Shopping, anyone who manages the store with the change will be able to share their products for free. However, the listing option will remain valid. The products promoted by Google will be at the top.

Google trade president Bill Ready says there are already many retailers and small businesses eligible to serve customers through digital channels. Thanks to this arrangement, Google helps customers find what they are looking for, while also aiming to relieve businesses economically. Ready also stresses that Google has been working on changes for some time, and that the process is accelerating with COVID-19.