Can we return the boiled egg to its unboiled state?

Can we return the boiled egg to its unboiled state

According to the egg molecules of thermal energy, it eliminates mechanical energy. It consists of water and protein under eggs. Proteins begin to collapse in complex ways, cling together with weak chemical bonds. giving heat; proteins will open and break these bonds as a convoluted cause. This is called denatured. Newly bound proteins collide with each other and begin to form new bonds with each other. bonds increase as the temperature increases. Until it becomes too complex and forms a solid mass (boiled egg).

According to a chemical view known as the microscopic reversal principle, what happened to it may turn out to be theoretically unsatisfactory. If egg reversals can be repeated, egg proteins may cling together. But adding more heat mix more proteins; cooling only freezes them.

The trick is to spin it quickly. There are already those who have tried this; They solved. Then they rotate at 5000 rpm. The key point is that the solution closest to the wall of the tube turns faster than the solution in the middle of the tube. Differences in speeds divert the path of pressures that repeatedly contract and loosen proteins until they break down and return to their original state. When the centrifuge stops spinning, the egg white will be back to the old unboiled form.

This technique works for all types of protein. Larger, more complex proteins are more resistant to rupture. That’s why scientists put plastic bit beads on the tip. He increases his tension here and helps them fold first. This reinstatement will not work for a shelled and whole egg. Because the solution spreads through a cylindrical circle.